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Spring Parties: Aladdin Mason Entertaining

Compensation was provided by Aladdin via Momtrends, but the opinions expressed are our own.

Let’s talk about spring parties…If there is something I love having an excuse for, it’s throwing a party. And spring’s arrival is as good an excuse as any, don’ t you think? Spring is one of my favorite times of the year here in Florida. The weather is just beautiful. It’s warm, but not yet sweltering. Basically, it’s the perfect weather for an outdoor get together.

aladdin mason collection, spring parties

aladdin mason beverage dispenser



I decided to throw a welcome spring party for some of my favorite ladies not too long ago. When I think about spring, I think about flowers and lots of them. I know April showers are supposed to bring May flowers, but in my neck of the woods, our flowers are already blooming.

We picked up a bevy of beautiful blooms in an array of bright hues to complement the vibrant mason jar pieces that Aladdin was kind enough to send over. As far as I’m concerned, mason jars go hand in hand with outdoor soirees, especially in the south. And you know how much I love bold colors. The pink, yellow, teal and cobalt in our party’s color palette worked beautifully together.  Party tip…small clusters of flowers in containers like julep cups facilitate conversation as nobody has to talk over tall arrangements! Carnations work especially well as they’re easy to cluster together. Carnations CAN be chic. I promise!





The flowers weren’t the only stars at my party. My lovely guests were treated to some light bites,  iced tea, lemon infused water and  even a bit of bubbly. They were able to serve themselves their beverage of choice right from the Aladdin mason beverage dispensers, which left yours truly free to pour the champers. We had a wonderful carefree afternoon and my party planning was made all the easier by my new Aladdin mason collection.


So, are you planning on throwing any spring soirees lovelies? If so, you’re going to want to check out all of Aladdin’s mason goodies yourself! And even if spring parties aren’t on the agenda, why not put together something special for you and your honey or even your a girlfriend?


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