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Staying Healthy and Fit this Time of Year


This conversation was sponsored by Aetna, but the opinions expressed are my own.

Last week I had the opportunity to gather some friends together to talk about how we’re staying healthy and fit for our families, and just as importantly, ourselves. I invited some of my favorite ladies over to my mom’s house, as the kiddos were running wild at my own, haha, and we noshed on healthy apps and a cocktail or two while we dished on our health goals.

A few of my favorite tips from the evening included:

  • Eat breakfast every morning to get your metabolism going. (This is something I  know is important, but am sometimes bad at putting into practice.)
  • Get yourself a fitness partner to help you stay accountable and motivated. Megan does a great job as my accountability partner and we find that by checking in with each other daily, we’re less likely to stray from our healthy living path. (I have definitely benefited from this in the past.)
  • Try switching up your fitness routine every few weeks so your muscles stay challenged and you don’t get bored. This is key! if I get bored, I don’t stick with a program, plain and simple. I’ve found that running helps me stay at a healthy weight more than anything else, but I like to mix in things like spinning and pilates to minimize boredom. (I totally lose motivation when I get bored!)

So, what is your favorite wellness or fitness tip? I would love to know how you plan on staying healthy and fit over the holidays. That’s my danger zone! I have to watch out for all those holiday party bars and appetizer spreads. Haha!

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