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Get Prepped for Cold and Flu Season

This post has been sponsored by Johnson & Johnson®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

As a busy mom of two school-aged kids, there is never a good time for any of us to get sick. And typically when one catches something, we all tend to go down. One way I try to minimize the effects of any cold or flu hitting our house is by being prepared. Sadly, I can’t prevent every little sick germ from entering our home—but I can make sure that we have all our supplies organized and ready to go!

blond woman holding flu survival kit in white bin

open flu kit on coffee table

Use products as directed.

Cold and Flu Season Prep

I make sure to update my Cold and Flu Survival Kit at the beginning of every year. And there is no better time to get prepared! Right now, Johnson & Johnson has a great offer.

Get a $10 REWARD with your next $30 purchase (excluding tax) of participating Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies products. Keep your receipt and upload it online to qualify for a reward.

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Offer valid 12/29/19 – 02/01/20. Reward must be chosen by 02/29/19. Click here for full details.

flut survival kit contents on glass table

Use products as directed.

flu kit contents on glass table

Use products as directed.

Create Your Own Cold and Flu Survival Kit

Creating your own cold and flu survival kit is easy to do. First, just label a container or basket that you plan to keep all the cold and flu essentials in. Then, head to your nearest store and purchase a selection of Johnson & Johnson items that work best for your family. It’s easy to get everything you need and with their wide variety of offerings, I quickly selected over $30 of flu season essentials—qualifying me for their $10 reward. Make sure to do this in-store and keep your receipt!

My cold and flu survival kit is stocked with Children’s Motrin® for the kids and Zyrtec®, Visine® Redness and Irritation Relief, and TYLENOL® Rapid Relief for me. Depending on age, Benadryl® can be suitable for the kids (6+), so we like to keep that on hand, too. We’re prepared for the itchy irritated eyes, congestion, aches, and allergies that come with cold and flu season this year!

Visit either on your mobile device or your desktop computer, enter your information, and submit the image of your full receipt by 02/01/2020.

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Where to Store Your Cold and Flu Kit

Once assembled, I make sure to store my cold and flu survival kit high out of reach, in my linen closet, and let the babysitters and grandparents know where to find it. This helps make sure we have everything we need should the kids get sick, even when Mom isn’t home. It’s also a great time to routinely dispose of any expired medicines. Trust me, you don’t want to wait until you are feeling at your worst—only to discover you have long-expired supplies. I’ve made that tired trek out and it wasn’t fun! All I really want in those moments is my Johnson & Johnson supplies, the remote, and my bed!

flu kit on gray bed with white bedding

Make the new year’s habit of making or updating your own cold and flu survival kit. It’s one that has helped me time and time again. It has meant no middle-of-the-night medicine supply surprises, and it helps myself and my little guys feel better faster! And with an offer like this one, you can earn an extra $10 for supplies your family needs!

blonde woman in black top holding flu kit

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