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Stumbling Upon History

Last weekend we had our first group of family come through for a visit. With the new house our weekends over the next several months are booked solid. Every single family member is coming with the exception of my brother (Thanks Bro! We needed a break!).

Living in Annapolis though means instant entertainment which is great for visitors. Not only are we smack dab in between Washington, DC and Baltimore, we also have a great old town harbor with sail boats, cafes and cute men in uniform, from the Naval Academy. littering the streets. We decided to take the fam down for a nice walk, some shopping and lunch. That’s when we literally stumbled into Middleton Tavern.

We had a fun easy lunch and upon further inspection realized we were sitting on an American landmark. This building is thought to have been built in 1740 and has always pretty much been a tavern. The owners throughout the years kept journals. The pages of which reference visits from some of America’s most influential patriots including Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington. Kind of neat to think I might have had my burger in the spot where these famous leaders played poker and discussed great politics!

The history behind the tavern made the day just a little more special for our visitors. While you may not be sitting in the same spot as ol’ George, there’s bound to be a local spot, rich with history, near your own home town. Why not make your guests get off the couch and play tourist? I guarantee it will be more fun for everyone, including you!

p.s. Kristin here. I’m MIA today as I’m in mourning over missing out on FNO.

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