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The Summer Beauty Product You Can’t Live Without

Get ready to learn about the summer beauty product you can’t live without. Seriously, you NEED it guys…You just need it, plain and simple. And I’m going to tell you why. You see, every once and a while a product comes along that quickly becomes one of my empties. You know what empties are. They’re the kind of products you use daily without fail. You love them so much you squeeze every last drop out before you chuck those completely empty jars and bottles. We all have have our own beloved products. And when we find them, we never want to give them up. Well, my friends. The summer beauty product that YOU can’t live without this year is the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater. It’s totally empties worthy. Plus, it has a cult following folks…with good reason! So, let’s talk about why this must have facial spray is the summer beauty product you can’t live without…


summer beauty product

Must Try Summer Beauty Product

Talk about a jack of all trades. This multi-purpose product does SO many things for such a tiny price tag!  Before I get into everything Mario Badescu Facial Spray does, let me tell you it’s only going to set you back $7.00. That’s right. I said $7.00. For just $7.00 you’ll get a divinely refreshing, moisturizing spray that instantly wakes up your face. I mist it on whenever my skin feels dehydrated and I immediately feel relief. You can also use it as a setting spray. Traditional makeup setting sprays are typically quite a bit more. To be able to spritz this budget friendly spray on after I throw together my everyday makeup and be met with a nice, dewy look is, in a word, awesome!

So, are you ready to try the Mario Badescu Facial Spray out for yourself? I haven’t even mentioned the scent yet. It’s such a light, refreshing fragrance! It’s also important to note that I have very sensitive skin and have experienced no irritation when using it. That alone is worth buying it again for me. In fact, I love this must try summer beauty product SO much, I plan on picking up a few more bottles. I’ll have one one in each bathroom, one in my purse…you get the picture! Yeah, I’m a bit obsessed…and this girl feels NO shame. This is one guilty pleasure that I don’t have to feel guilty about!

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