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Summer Olympics Style For Men

This summer, the world’s biggest sporting event is arriving in London, the Olympic Games.  It’s been some time since I’ve been to London, but I just love the city’s energy and style and I am absolutely dying to go back!  The big events will have athletes and chic spectators from around the world coming together to enjoy the city all summer. And with all that will be going on, it’s a fun time for men to ramp up their style and look their best.  In fact, I think American men can learn a thing or two fashion tips from their U.K. comrades. Here are some quick style tips to help out our men this summer.


Dressing down men’s footwear to look casual can go terribly  – think about what happens when you see a guy with big bulky sneakers paired with jeans.  With so many great options, there are no excuses.  Instead, guys should opt for some of the fabulous casual footwear available this season. A pair of Fred Perry trainers are a great option I’m loving (don’t you just adore how English sneakers are called trainers?!). Keep an eye out for the new Kingston canvas men’s plimsolls, or the classic Reprise cuff men’s trainer. Both are great with jeans or shorts and can handle plenty of city walking.


Nothing says classic summer tailoring like a simple white oxford shirt. That being said, a few colors wouldn’t hurt either and there’s such a a great range of colors and pinstripes available right now. Also, when selecting jeans it goes without saying, guys should steer clear of acid wash and ripped styles, as they were thankfully all fads left well behind in past decades! For a classically casual look, jeans can always be paired with cotton t-shirts, a navy-blue blazer or a cashmere sweater.


Most guys might cringe at the word “accessorizing,” but it truly does make a difference.  Sunglasses are a must-have for summer days and trends change yearly. The Aviator is a popular favorite, but if a guy has a small face, it just isn’t going to work. Another popular shape that’s usually a hit is the classic Wayfarer.  A good watch also adds a finishing touch that never hurts.

So, who’s with me and looking to get their guy to add some fun new style to their wardrobe?  Who else out there is digging the looks of London and will be watching the Olympic Games this summer?

Megan Yarmuth

Disclosure: We received compensation for this post, but the opinions are our own.

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