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How I’m Working to Reduce Toxins At Home

Pure Haven Products

Until recently, whenever I heard about another friend "going green" I would kind of tune out. And then a shift started to happen. I started really noticing how many chemicals I was interacting with daily. And not just me, but my children too. And I began to do research, listen to those "gone green" friends, and pay attention at home. I'm now actively working on how to reduce toxins at home and wanted to share with you my experience with Pure Haven. How To Reduce Toxins At Home First let me say that our bodies are amazing....

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Cleaning is Not My Favorite

If you were to ask my mama how much I like to clean she would surely collapse in a fit of giggles. Cleaning is not my favorite and when it comes to le toddler, the apple didn't fall too far from the tree. I think that must be a little thing called payback. My mama had to lay down the law to get me to clean my room and I do believe my son not only inherited my stubborness, but my lack of interest in cleaning too. Le sigh. When I first started trying to teach...

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