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Must Have Stocking Stuffers from CVS

There is nothing quite as magical as the holiday season...Is there? I start dreaming about twinkling lights, peppermint mochas and stocking stuffers immediately upon November’s arrival. Don’t get me wrong...I LOVE turkey day to the moon and back and certainly don’t completely gloss over it in favor ... READ the POST

How to Save at CVS and Our Thanksgiving Road Trip Kit

Most of us love to save money whenever we can. I know I do! And sure, I aspire to be one of those organized women with all the coupons ready to go in a neat little binder, the reality is that often I’m popping into a store in between school and activities with wild kids running amuck. The sight is ... READ the POST

Fall Sports Prep with CVS

It’s October and you know what that means...School is in full swing as is the fall sports season. As someone who’s spent more than a few years as Team Mom, I’ve learned that the key to a successful season is, of course, hard work on your little athlete’s part, but also preparation from the parents. ... READ the POST

CVS Curbside Pickup, Errands Made Easy

Have you ever been running errands and feel like you’ve pushed your kids to the brink of a meltdown? I’ve certainly been there! I have a friend who swears by having no more than three in-and-out of the car seat transitions in one outing. I started paying attention with my own children and sure ... READ the POST

Back to School Prep with CVS

Whether the kids realize it or not, us Moms are in the throws of back to school prep while they are still blissfully running through sprinkles and chasing fireflies. Both of those activities have been happening a lot around my house this summer as we enjoy these final days before Jake starts ... READ the POST

How to Save Time and Money with the CVS Pharmacy App

If you know me in real life, you know that I’m at my local CVS...ALL THE TIME. Bwah! I can’t help myself. It’s minutes from my house and I can pick up everything from beauty essentials, to healthy snacks and even my family’s prescriptions. What I didn’t know, however, was that I was shopping CVS all ... READ the POST

Managing Self-Care For the Whole Family

I’ve been doing this whole Mom thing now for 5 years. And while I’m by no means a parenting expert, it is definitely true that no one knows my kids better than I do. I can look across the room and instantly realize one of them just doesn’t “look right” and sure enough they will have a fever, ... READ the POST

Get Your Body Ready for Back to School Season

Now that the kids are back to school, or headed back there soon, us busy mamas have to take a beat and really focus on our well-being. If we aren't in tip top shape, we're bound to get buried under our hectic schedule. So, taking care of ourselves should be at the top of our back to school season ... READ the POST

DIY Self Care Kit For Moms

Have you noticed that you feel a bit run down as you stare down the end of summer? This harried mama sure does! As much fun as summertime is, it's also, in a word, BUSY. Between family road trips, various camps for the kids and all the magic I try to squeeze into a break that's barely two months ... READ the POST