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Easy Oven Fried Chicken That Kids Love

Oven Fried Chicken for Kids

My kids are pretty picky, especially when it comes to meat. For some reason they are easier on side dishes than they are the main event. They tend to choose foods that aren't overly fussy and that they recognize. Which is why this easy oven fried chicken is one that even kids love. It is truly delicious and adds a lot of flavor to another night of chicken. Yet it is simple enough to make for a weeknight meal and requires very little clean up. It's a total win! This easy oven fried chicken is...

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What I Spend My Money On

What I Spend Featured

Money is SUCH a tricky subject. I was at lunch with a girlfriend of mine, and we were reminiscing about that infamous episode of Sex and the City where Carrie gets judged and scolded for her too expensive shoes by a friend with children. Yes, my boys definitely came with a price tag and it wasn't a little one, but I try not to judge how my friends choose to spend their money. As long as they can afford it, then good for them! But January does imply a certain, "Back to Budget Basics" in my household. The...

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#LetsGetCrackin with Delicious Pistachio Recipes

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a beautiful culinary experience thrown by Momtrends and Wonderful Pistachio. While there, we not only got to mix and mingle with some fabulous fellow influencers, but we were treated to a family style dinner, the courses which we prepared ourselves under the direction of professional chefs. As you can imagine, all of the pistachio recipes sounded amazing, but I, of course, bee lined it for the dessert station because we all know how much I love to bake. Well, I didn't exactly bake, but I did help...

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Food Hack: Boosted Blondie Mix

Stacked Blondies

If you love to bake, nothing tastes quite as delicious as the love and sweetness that goes into homemade treats. But sometimes we are just too busy to spend the evening in front of the oven, yet still want to show we care and take something for a friend's birthday or the picnic and so on. Well I've recently discovered several box mixes that taste amazing and with a little tweaking can take them from a good box mix to a great semi-homemade taste. Save yourself a few hours, catch up on your favorite shows...

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Fresh Peach and Avocado Salsa

Peach and Avocado Salsa

Hey BonBon Rose gals! Jackie Fo, event/wedding planner and blogger here with an absolutely perfect recipe for enjoying the ripe fruits of summer! Like most people, I love a good bowl of chips and salsa. Whether it’s green salsa or red salsa, it gets me every time! I enjoy creating different types of salsas and my latest concoction is one of my best yet! After stopping by a roadside peach stand on the way home from a lovely beach vacation, I had a big ole’ bag of ripe peaches. Instead of whipping up a cobbler, I decided...

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Quick and Healthy Snack: Cucumber Fruit Dip Sandwiches

Cucumber fruit dip sandwiches

I think we all get a little bored or in a rut when it comes to healthy snacking. When I’m busy I tend to grab what I know is a winner for both us and Jake. Which is a shame! I have been blessed with a “happy taste tester” for a kid. I have a theory that each kid has a few things they naturally do well and perhaps not so well when it comes to healthy behaviors. That way Moms everywhere aren’t pulling their hair out over everything at once, ha! My toddler has ridiculous...

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Chocolate Baked Donut Holes

Just by the title you know this is going to be one delicious post! After creating my Oscar menu that I posted yesterday, I decided I wanted to make a few of the items for fun and so that everything wasn't store bought. I mean I have no incentive to go outside when its literally zero degrees, so why not bake?! First up are these Baked Chocolate Donut Holes. I am not a huge fan of frying things at home, mainly because it makes my apron get all smelly and I have to really clean...

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Popcorn Anyone?

One of our favorite things to do as a family is to have popcorn parties as the dude refers to them. Our popcorn parties include popcorn, of course, a movie and lots of snuggles. Since I'm on a mission to bring healthier eating to our routine, air popped popcorn is a healthy snack that I can feel good about giving the fam! I would love to pop our movie night fare in something as chic as this popcorn maker from C. Wonder! What kinds of snacks do you make for your family movie nights lovelies? ...

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Caprese Salad Gets A Makeover

Caprese Salad

This weekend my Mom was visiting (Yay! Things always feel so much better she's around!). On Sunday I woke up and came downstairs to find her looking through a cookbook that Kristin sent me a while ago that's all about entertaining. We started looking at it together and found this cute way to serve caprese salad, and since tomatoes are in abundance right now, we decided to stop at a farm stand and pick a few up to give it a whirl.  We both thought it would be a cute appetizer for a nice summer...

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A Friendly Lesson in the Art of Souffle’

Last week I had a great mid-week visit from my good friend Becca. It was a gloomy day on the outside, but on the inside we were all red wine and giggles! Becca is taking a pastry course on her weekends and she means some serious business when it comes to the kitchen. While she was visiting she taught me something that has been on my "bucket list" for several years, (pause for the drum roll) it was the art of making a souffle'! I must say that it wasn't overly complicated. The tricky part...

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