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Update Your Home with Plantation Shutters for the New Year

plantation shutters in living room

Unless you built your house from the ground up, the chances are your home needs some updating. And that's why we're going to talk about how to update your home with plantation shutters today. Even small projects like updating one well appointed window with new window treatments can make a difference. Anything you can do to make the space seem more modern will only add to its value. Now I know how  the prospect of updating your home can seem overwhelming, especially if there are multiple projects on your list. Trust me. I get it. You...

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How to Give Your Front Yard a Facelift

Who wants to know how to give your front yard a facelift with minimal effort. Hint, you're going to need mulch, and lots of it. You may remember me telling you about the new home I moved into last fall. Well, it's been about 10 months since we moved in and we're still knee deep in projects galore. We went the "good bones" route with our purchase and while we have plenty of to-dos on our list that we're working on to really make this house our own, we've been able to check revamp the...

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7 Essential Oils to Use in Your Home

With the rising popularity of essential oils, we are sharing with you 7 essential oils to use in your home on a regular basis. Essential oils offer a great way to utilize aromatherapy benefits! You can add them as an additional scent to homemade cleaners and use them as a natural way to boost immune health. Using essential oils throughout your day is easier than you'd expect. We shared 7 essential oils to use in your home that are always in stock and why we use them frequently! 7 Essential Oils To Use In Your Home Peppermint...

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DIY Painted Fireplace Surround and Brick Wall

Brick Wall Before and After

Sharing my DIY Painted Fireplace Surround and Brick Wall has been long overdue. I actually tackled this project about this time last year. Over the months, I've received several questions from friends about the details of the project. It has been such a huge improvement in our home that I decided it was time to share it so that anyone with an ol' ugly wall like mine, or looking at houses with one, isn't intimidated to take it on. I promise, anyone can do it! DIY Painted Fireplace Surround and Brick Wall When we bought this house over...

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How to Add Spring to Your Home Decor

Let's talk about how to add spring to your home decor shall we? Easter is over, but it's not quite summer right? What do you do with your seasonal decor in the meantime? Well, if you decorated with colors that will last the rest of the season, you're good to go. You simply need to put away any overtly Easter(ish) decorative accents. It's easier than you would think add spring to your home decor. Like I said, it's all about the color palette when you're thinking about how to add spring to your home decor...

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A Sneak Peek at a Stunning Southern Home

Don't forget to enter our Kate Spade and House of Harlow giveaways! When I was in Florida a few weeks ago I was able to visit with a friend of my Mom's, Paulette.  She is one of those great women who are so warm and nurturing that you instantly want to pull up a chair on her back porch with a glass of lemonade and swap stories.  In addition to being all around fabulous herself, she also happens to have a home that would make any southern girl drool and she generously offered up photos to...

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