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Black and White Striped Summer Dress

If there is one look that I keep returning to time and time again, its black and white stripes. You can see evidence of that if you look back through photo albums or even rifle through my closet. And this black and white striped summer dress is no exception. Black and White Striped Summer ... READ the POST

Black and White Spring Romper

You know I just love a fun romper look! This black and white spring romper is a fun outfit for those emerging warm weather days. How to Wear a Black and White Spring Romper We've earned these warm spring days after a longggg winter that seemed to just go on and no. Spring is one of my favorite ... READ the POST

Casual Spring Scarf Outfit

Is is spring yet?! I know I'm not the only who's ready to bring the spring scarf, for example, out to play! This girl is definitely pretending like it's already spring even if the official first day of the long awaited season hasn't quite sprung yet. Bwah! I've been more than ready to put away my ... READ the POST

Floral Dress Outfit for Spring

Who's ready to say hello to spring?! You know this girl is! And I'm willing to bet you are too. I mean I want to put together a nice floral dress outfit and forget about things like sweatshirt outfits. Who's with me? It's really felt like such a long winter and I live in Florida for goodness sakes. ... READ the POST

Easy Winter Workwear

Unless you are like Kristin and live in a gloriously sunny state, winter workwear can be tough. Here is where I might get a little whiney. Living in Maryland is the best. Except for like January through March. It can be dreary and cold and a little too dark too early for my tastes. I really love ... READ the POST

Keeping Cozy in a Chunky Cream Sweater

It is officially sweater weather here in Maryland. And while it hasn’t been unbearably cold (yet!) sweaters are in full rotation. I needed a few new sweaters this season and am in the middle of going through and seeing what should be donated and what to keep. But I knew it was time for a few staples ... READ the POST

What to Wear To A Holiday Lunch

Looking for the perfect holiday lunch outfit? We've got you covered as we break down this perfect holiday luncheon look.It's Friday and we are still going strong with our holiday style! For today's Moms Do Holiday Style, I'm sharing a great look for those holiday luncheons.They keep ... READ the POST

The Best Black Romper

I've been on a black romper hunt for a while. Months in fact. And so you can imagine my squeals of delight from the dressing room when I found what I think is the best black romper for those of us with long torsos. I'm a little over 5' 7" but have a pretty long torso. If you are in the same boat you ... READ the POST

Casual Jean Shorts

Like Kristin, I've been embracing shorts more and more often lately. I think having two young boys has made it essential. I'm constantly running, bending, sitting and man is it a whole lot easier to have a good time with them and really let go and play in shorts, like these jean shorts, than it is ... READ the POST

Monday Mingle Outfit Post: Faux Fur and Sparkles

This weekend I had the pleasure of being one of the judges of the Cocoa Couture Fashion Show at MOSI's Festival of Chocolate. Despite feeling (and I'm guessing looking) incredibly pregnant and swollen, I tried to do the gig justice by showing up looking semi-presentable. How did I do? HAHA! Please ... READ the POST