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Weekend Worthy Milkshakes, Floats and Frozen Treats

If there is one thing us girls here at Take Time for Style love, it's a boozy shake. That goes double for our husbands. They actually help us quite a bit with our business and they're always happier about it when we serve up a tasty treat while we're workin'. Haha! And boozy shakes just so happen to be our speciality, along with various other forms of milkshakes, floats and frozen treats. So, since it's the weekend, the perfect time to treat yourself, I thought I would round up some of our favorite oh so...

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Reese’s Cup Milkshakes

I am such a peanut-butter chocolate lover it is insane.  When pregnant, I often even wondered what on earth I would do if Jake entered this world with a peanut allergy and I could never have the good stuff at home again.  Pan to me weeping uncontrollably with a shaking fist to the heavens. So far, we have our fingers crossed. When I saw this simple recipe for Peanut Butter Cup Milkshakes, I had to give it a go.  It took only three ingredients and 5 minutes to make, qualifying in my book as a fun week night treat!...

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