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Minted Family Holiday Cards

It's the time of year that gets me really excited to check the mailbox! I just LOVE getting holiday cards from all our friends and family. We pour over them each night and enjoy pointing out everyone to the boys. It's such a sweet tradition and I'm thrilled to send out my Minted family holiday cards ... READ the POST

Pretty Holiday Cards from Minted

Holiday cards are a tradition that I just love. We excitedly open the mailbox to receive updates and greetings from friends and family all over the world. And for little ones who might not remember exactly who someone is, it is a great way to go over the photos and talk about family stories and how ... READ the POST

Nautical Baby Shower with Minted

When one of my closest friends told me she was expecting her first baby, I could't have been more thrilled. Not only did I know that she was going to make an amazing mother, but I had a feeling that I would probably get to be involved with the baby shower planning. I knew just who I would turn to ... READ the POST

Holiday Cards with Minted

Do you just love opening your mailbox this time of year as much as I do? The thrill of a good holiday card, of course tossing all bills and relevant mail to the side for later, isn't lost on me one bit! Giving and receiving holiday cards is a tradition I truly hope never goes out of style! For us, ... READ the POST

Pretty Minted Party Decor

Things have been pretty busy all month around here. In addition to several trips, Shelby got married! If you’ve been with us a while you may remember that Shelby is my husband’s daughter and she’s posted with us a time or two. I’m so proud to have this strong, beautiful girl as part of my family and ... READ the POST

Name Labels From Minted

It's back to school time which also tends to be a great period to get organized. Let's face it, the things we send our kids to school, lessons and play dates with tend to get lost. It's frustrating to get home and realize that a lunchbox or thermos has been lost in the sea of kiddos once again. And ... READ the POST