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Orange Champagne Cocktail Recipe

Have you ever met a mimosa you didn't like? Yeah, me either. That's why I'm pretty sure you're going to love this orange champagne cocktail recipe too! It's similar to a mimosa, but different enough to impress your party guests. Not having a party? No worries. Serve up brunch to your honey this ... READ the POST

Orange Outfit Ideas for Fall

When you think about fall, what is the first color that comes to your mind? Orange right? Well, that's where my mind goes anyway. Maybe it's the Gator girl in me, our school colors are orange and blue, or maybe it's just a color I feel great in...Either way, I find myself adding pops of orange to my ... READ the POST

Three Classic Fall Outfits

Hi, my name is Kristin and I'm officially obsessed with al things fall. Pumpkin spice, apples, the colors, college football...I could go on and on. I love it ALL! And fall fashion is right up there on my reasons I love fall list. And while I definitely pay attention to the trends of any given ... READ the POST

Black Boho Crochet Blouse

Over the years, Kristin and I have both spent a lot of time in New York. And while we may be Florida girls at heart that love a good bright maxi, I've come to really appreciate an "all black" look that nobody does as well as a New Yorker. It can be a powerful vibe, especially in the office, that is ... READ the POST

Strawberry Orangetini Cocktail Recipe

  Are you throwing a dinner party soon and looking for a cocktail that will really impress your guests? Or perhaps you're celebrating Valentine's Day at home this year and want to whip up something special for your honey? Whatever your cocktail needs, this Strawberry Orangetini should fill ... READ the POST

Denim on Denim for Fall

It took me a while to come around to the denim on denim trend, but once I did, I fell in love. There are so many fun ways to wear it this fall! One of the easiest ways, I think, is to select denim pieces in contrasting washes. A nice light chambray shirt, for instance, and a darker rinse pair of ... READ the POST

How to Cut No Mess Orange Slices

Jake, my three-year-old, is a fruit lover. Not a bad problem to have as a mom, other than making sure we're always stocked with some fresh goods. Oranges has become one of his recent favorite requests and while I love citrus myself (hello Florida girl here!) they can be messy. Not only is peeling an ... READ the POST

Mama Wants a Brand New Bag

Well, lovelies...This nasty bug still has a firm hold on me. I've barely moved off the couch in three days. The dude, in typical toddler fashion, is not taking much pity on his mama. He doesn't quite understand that I feel like death warmed over. All he knows is that when he rips apart his Thomas ... READ the POST