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Feeling Lighthearted in a Fun Graphic Tee

Living in the Washington, DC area it's hard not to notice that fashion can be taken soooooo seriously. Lots of power suits happening around here folks! I thought things were relaxing a bit. And then I took a stroll near the Capitol about the time all the staffers were arriving with their morning ... READ the POST

Plaid Bell Sleeves For the Win

Welcome to another day of Moms Do Fall Fashion! We’ve been having a blast collaborating with our friends to bring you two weeks of fun fall fashion. Today we’re showing off plaid bell sleeves AND linking up with I Love You More Than Carrots. Make sure to head over and check out her fall look too. ... READ the POST

Transition A Sleeveless Top for Fall

Ever wonder how to transition a sleeveless top for fall? Those summer tops can call to us all as they hang there looking all cute during cooler temperatures. When I received this plaid tunic in my last Stitch Fix box I instantly fell in love with it. I even wore it to the beach in August. But fall ... READ the POST

Casual Fall Style

Casual fall style is one of my favorite things about fall. Yes we all wax on poetically about this season to the point of eye rolling, and maybe I'm just high on life because I actually worked out this morning, but yes I just love casual fall style. I think its because with the addition of riding ... READ the POST

My Favorite Boyfriend Plaid Shirt

Wether it's with short or jeans, a cute plaid shirt can go with almost anything. Maybe it's the 90's girl in me, but man I just love the feeling of snuggling into a large plaid flannel shirt. So, when Kristin tossed me this red boyfriend plaid shirt that she snagged for me from Target, it was love ... READ the POST

Fall Fashion Preview

Last year we worked on a series called Moms Do Fall Fashion. Each day we shared one of our favorite fall trends. It was such a hit, we'll be bringing it back this year. We're all about showing you how to seamlessly work style into your every day look after all. And there's no time that's more fun ... READ the POST

Ponchos, Ankle Boots and Fall…Oh My

I just love November. Don't you? While October brings lots of fun with it, November owns Thanksgiving with is definitely one of my very favorite holidays. No fan fare...Just gratitude, good food and your loved ones. Heaven! And typically, with November comes cooler temps. While a puffy ... READ the POST

Weatherproof Must Haves for Fall

While fall is just beautiful most of the time, a storm here and there is definitely possible, so I like to have some go to weatherproof pieces on hand that I can turn to when rainy weather strikes. There is nothing worse than being cold and wet right? Ugh! Now when you think about rainy day gear, ... READ the POST

Kristin’s Fall Fashion Lust List Continued

After drafting my Fashion Week Tampa Bay recap post below, I was inspired to revisit my fall fashion lust list. I continue to hunt for the pieces I need, ok want,  to make my fall wardrobe complete and I think a few more ideas just made the cut. You can't have TOO many wishes on your lust list...Am ... READ the POST