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New Year’s Eve Sparkle: How to Wear It

I've always been of the firm belief that any day is a good day to SPARKLE...But being that I have two kids in school with activities galore AND I work from home, I don't get to bring my sequins out to play as much as I would like. I haven't yet found sequin bedecked athleisure, but I digress...Thank ... READ the POST

Birthday Worthy Sparkles

My birthday is coming up next month and, to be honest, it's not one I'm overly thrilled about. I'm not sure what it is about 33 that's freaking me out a bit. No other thirty something bday has bugged me, but this one is turning out to be a tough one to swallow. Le sigh.I know. Cry me a river right? ... READ the POST

Festive Flats for the Holidays. Plus, Giveaway Winners!

Don't forget to enter our latest giveaway to win a beautiful Wendy Mink Jewelry necklace! The other day I wrote a post on sequin bedecked heels in honor of my obsession with sparkle and some of you lovely readers requested a flats version. The same thing happened when I posted about bejeweled ... READ the POST

Party Shoes that Will Add Spring to Your Step

Happy Monday lovelies. I hope the last few days have treated y'all right! I just returned from a girls' weekend in Philly. We ate...We drank...We shopped...We saw a few historical sites. Let's just say that you put on our party shoes and showed the city of brotherly love what we're made of. It was ... READ the POST

Sparkle and Sequin Skirts

If you've been around here once or twice before, you probably know that I've got a pretty major thing for anything that sparkles. I'm basically willing to rock sequins year 'round, but for those of you who are a bit more sequin shy, the holidays are just the right time to bust them out! Sparkle ... READ the POST

Kristin’s Fall Fashion Lust List Continued

After drafting my Fashion Week Tampa Bay recap post below, I was inspired to revisit my fall fashion lust list. I continue to hunt for the pieces I need, ok want,  to make my fall wardrobe complete and I think a few more ideas just made the cut. You can't have TOO many wishes on your lust list...Am ... READ the POST

Fall Fashion Lust List

Have you entered our Corral cowboy boots giveaway? Tomorrow is the last day to enter! Happy Monday lovelies! This weekend was seemingly gone in an instant and I think it's because the hubs was outta you know what that means...the dude ran me ragged yet again! He just refuses to stick ... READ the POST

Celebrate Friday Night With Sparkles!

Don’t forget to enter our Corral cowboy boots giveaway! It's Friday night ya'll! And even more exciting than a regular Friday night is the fact that it's Fashion's Night Out time! Although, I won't be in NYC, boo, I am getting all decked out to go to a FNO event in Tampa. Check out your own towns ... READ the POST