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How to Wear Gingham

Let me ask you a question friends. How do you feel about gingham? I consider it a classic print that always works for the warm weather months. A few years back I picked up an off the shoulder gingham top that is still in heavy rotation and ready to play again this spring. I can't seem to get enough ... READ the POST

Girly Camo Style

I love the unexpected when it comes to fashion. Classic American style with an edge is what I tend to gravitate to. And this girly camo style is just that! When we were at the beach last year, my kiddo decided he wanted nothing to do with that sand. That's right. We went all the way to the beach ... READ the POST

Summer Ready Cocktail Recipes and More Summer Style Must Haves

What do you want after what feels like an endlessly long week? Well, I can tell you what this girl is ready for...Throw a cocktail or three my way please. Haha! I'm ready to sit back, relax and have a few drinks along with a nice Netflix sesh. That being said, it's Friday night which means I am, in ... READ the POST

Pom-Pom Summer Weekend Style

Right now I'm all about enjoying life. Summer is such a fun full time of year, truly my favorite, and I've been living it up to it's full potential. That means lots of days and meals had by the water. And this Pom-Pom Summer Weekend Style is perfect for doing just that! Pom-Pom Summer Weekend ... READ the POST

How to Wear the Stars Fashion Trend

How do you guys feel about the stars fashion trend? This trend has really had some legs hasn't it? I, for one, still love it! I feel like it's the kind of trend I won't consider a "trend" anymore and just a look I really like to wear! That's how I look at camo. It ceased being a trend for me ages ... READ the POST

Must Have Casual Summer Maxi Dresses

Who wants the lowdown on some must have casual summer maxi dresses? I know you fellow maxi lovers are out there! If you asked someone who knows me in real life what my signature look is, they would probably say it's a maxi dress and metallic Birkenstocks. The look is cute, comfy and just the kind of ... READ the POST

12 Pairs of Summer Sandals You Need Now

Let's talk about our  summer style shall we? Get ready to see a slew of summer sandals you need now! If you haven't filled out your summer wardrobe yet, now is the time to be thinking about it! I'm sure you already have plenty of fun summer events on your calendar and you're going to need some sweet ... READ the POST

Summer Romper Outfit for Girls

Let's talk about summer wardrobes shall we? I specifically want to address a summer romper outfit for girls that my daughter recently wore and LOVED...But first, where are you shopping for your kids' summer clothes this year? Do you have a go-to store that you can always count on finding a ton of ... READ the POST

The Best Summer Gingham

I've always loved the sweet look of gingham, especially in the summer. I even recently purchased the pink top above and have already worn it several times. I decided I'd like to add some more gingham into my overall summer wardrobe. I've slowly been editing my closet and trying on things from last ... READ the POST

Late Summer Style: Maxi Edition

While we've been back to school here in the sunshine state for a few weeks now, I know that it is technically still summer. It actually sure does still feel like summer here and it's going to for at least a couple more months. That's Florida living y'all. Bwah! I also know that colder temps are ... READ the POST