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TGIF…Let’s Ring in the Weekend with a Kate Spade Giveaway!

Well, this has certainly been an exhausting week. I need an adult beverage. Who’s with me? If only these lovely ladies could be here to share that bev with me…It’s been too many months since we’ve all been together. Sigh.

As that’s not in the cards, I’m ready for the hubs to get home so we can have a cocktail or three. Oh wait…we have a kid…I forgot. HA! Guess, those cocktails will have to wait until after the whole dinner, bath, bed routine. That’s life as a parent right? The dude IS awfully cute..he’s totes worth waiting to get our booze on. HA!

Anyhoo, it’s been quite scary bringing our little baby blog over to a new home, but I’m hoping that all our lovely readers will find their way to us again! Especially, since we have some VERY exciting things coming this month. There will be giveaways galore as well as a very special surprise! So, tell your bloggy buds to get their booties on over to BonBon Rose Girls!

Today we have a fabulous prize up for a grabs from the lovely people at is a search engine that carries hundreds of brands like Prada, Ralph Lauren and Eileen Fisher. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m always looking for ways to make my online shopping experience easier! But, I bet you wanna hear about the prize don’t you? Drum roll please…It’s a Kate Spade cocktail ring! This pearl clustered beauty would be welcome on my finger any day. Alas, I’m exempt from winning my own giveaway. HA!

So, if you want this little pretty on your finger…here’s how you can make it happen! NOTE: If it says that you get 10 entries for something…we’ll count it ourselves. You don’t have to leave 10 individual entries for following us on GFC. All you have to do is tell us in your comment that you’re following. I hope that clears things up a little! XOXO

1. Visit {1 entry}
2. Follow our new site with Google Friend Connect, which is at the top of our left sidebar. {10 entries}
3. “Like” BonBon Rose Girls on Facebook. {2 entries}
4. Follow BonBon Rose Girls on Twitter. {2 entries}
5. Tweet about this giveaway {2 entries}
6. Blog about this giveaway {3 entries}
7. Grab our new button from our right sidebar {5 entries}

The giveaway will be open through Thursday, June 17th at midnight, central time. Best of luck lovelies and have a very happy Friday!

In case you’d like to see what else I’ve been working on this week…

If I had gotten kickbacks from USC, I would have bought… {Reggie Bush got his alma mater in a heap o’ trouble…So, I pretended to shop like I was a star college athlete with cash to burn!}

Mary Kate and Ashley Heart Neon…Do You? {The Olson twins  are rockin’ neon ‘dos, which made me wanna go shopping for neon goodies!}

What to Wear to a Garden Party {Floral lovers will big puffy heart this list!}


  1. Diana says

    Ooh, another great giveaway!! I adore this ring!! So many fabulous finds on the Designer Apparel set, all those brand names, lol.

    I am a happy follower and am connected with Google Friend.

    Have a fantastic weekend, girls 🙂

  2. Jessica =) says

    Today was my first visit to Design Apparel! GREAT site! I like that it is divided by designer and item! Very easy to find what you are looking for! I’m channelng my inner Carrie and staring at her blue Manolos from the first movie. Ahhhh…to dream!

    I don’t like you ladies on FB…I LOVE you ladies on FB! LOL! And I now follow you on Twitter too! I tweeted about your giveaway and posted on FB! Hope you get some quality time with your Houston ladies soon Ms. K! xoxo

  3. Mina says

    I LOVE this giveaway! I just visited DesignerApparel, and I’m in heaven. The Christian Louboutin wedges are on sale for a great price!

  4. JenBA says

    I saw Kate Spade and giveaway in the same sentence and my heart skipped a beat! I love! Carolina Herrera is a genious! Also, I am a follower, a facebook fan, and a twitter follower!

  5. shelby Bukhenik says

    I went to the website and pretty much wish I had unlimited funds to shop there haha! One pair of loubitons and a nicole miller dress pleeeease!

  6. Michelle says

    Kristin you are hilarious! I know that children are the joy of life etc. etc., but your post well captures one of the (many) reasons they probably will not be gracing mine, haha!

    This is a GREAT giveaway! I need a cocktail ring for my brother’s wedding!

    Okay so…I visited Designer, I am a follower, I like you on Facebook (and in real life ;)), I’m following you on Twitter, I tweeted about the giveaway, and I grabbed your button. 22 entries! I’m serious about this ring haha

  7. DeAnna says

    another fabulous giveaway from Meg/Kristin! thanks gals.
    1. oh how wonderful is that site? love it!
    2. follower on gfc
    3. like on fb
    4.follow on twitter
    5.will tweet about it. (@deannacedeno)
    6. and i have your button on me blog.

  8. Val says

    I thought I was already following you! I’ve fixed that!

    Following you now!
    Checked out Designer Apparel! Cutchy Gucci!!!!

    and you’re officially a friend of mine or at least a Like on Facebook!

  9. Salt says

    I’m. In. Love. With. It.

    I follow you here, on Twitter, and on Facebook. And I’m on Designer Apparel right now. And I have your button.

    And I hear you on the adult beverage (or several). Not long until happy hour!

    Have a fab weekend, friend!

  10. Jules says

    I just visited the Designer Apparel website and it looks great. I love that you can shop by designer and category. I’m going to add this one to my favorites!

  11. BroncoMom says

    How Lovely Ladies of Bon Bon Rose Girls!!!
    The new site is spectacular, love the layout and design!
    On to the business at hand….
    I did visit the site. Found so many things that could get me in trouble but really like the Michael Kors Ganvoort handbag in Walnut. Some day IT will be mine! I went to your tool bar on the side and clicked google friends connect. Finally check “LIKE” on facebook. I believe that makes a total of 13 entries! I am crossing my fingers for this one ladies!
    Thanks so much for the chance to win this beautiful ring!

  12. Piper Jacquelyn says

    I love cocktail rings. Kate Spade does such a great job with theirs – very pretty & demure, but fun! I updated my side bar with your new button, I’m following the new blog, & I follow on Twitter! I think I got it all, ha ha!

  13. La. says

    At times I feel like online shopping is so much more overwhelming than in the stores! Online there are endless possibilities! I do better with limits!

  14. Kristen says

    Woah! Yummy giveaway! I also LOVE the names of your shoptopia lists. lol@the Reggie Bush one.

    Following with Google Friend Connect Now

    Happy Friday Ladies

  15. Jaime @ La vie...J'aime says

    Heck yes I would take that!!!

    1. Designer apparel rocks…can’t go back there lol
    2. am a follow on GFC
    3. follow you on twitter (@laviejaime)

    Thank for accepting my friend request on ShopTopia… I am new and navigating. Looks like a fun site 🙂

  16. Supercilious Seed says

    Oh gee…another new website to dream over. I will be spending much time browsing Designer Apparel’s shoe department. SIGH.

    PS – I’m a google friend follower and twitter follower (@supercilieed)

  17. Christina C says

    There is really only one ring I want on my finger 😉 but while I wait I wouldn’t mind wearing this one!

  18. Sarah says

    Fabulous giveaway! Also, I really like the site’s new design – super cute!! I visited…. sooo many things I’d love to own and I’m thrilled to find another shopping website. And of course, I’m a follower of you lovely ladies!

  19. Emily says

    1. Visit Done and Done!
    2. Follow our new site with Google Friend Connect, which is at the top of our left sidebar. OF COURSE!
    3. “Like” BonBon Rose Girls on Facebook. OF COURSE!
    4. Follow BonBon Rose Girls on Twitter. I’M @FETTBOT!
    5. Tweet about this giveaway – I retweeted!!
    6. Grab our new button from our right sidebar –!!!!

  20. Channon says

    Oooh! Love Kate Spade, love pearls, love rings…

    I’ll have to see if Twitter will cooperate. I tried to connect earlier this week and it said it was… busy, to try later.

  21. Aritza, Goddess of .. says

    1. Love that website, I found a ton of stuff I like already !!
    2. I’m already a follower of the new BBG 🙂
    3. I like BBG on facebook, obvs !
    4. And I follow BBG on Twitter :o) Yay !

    Have a great weekend girls ! And enjoy the adult beverages once the dude is asleep, you deserve some relaxation 🙂 ! xoxo

  22. Anna K says

    1) I visited Designer Apparel!
    2) I am a new follower!
    3) I now like you on facebook!
    4) I will blog about the giveaway tomorrow! (and I added the giveaway to my sidebar)
    5) I added your button to my sidebar!

    I love this ring!! Great giveaway!! 21 entries-thanks! 🙂

  23. Sandhya says

    following you on friend connect (i noticed some folks left 10 separate entries. ill just do this for now and wait for you to tell me if that’s wrong)

  24. Lyndsy says

    I visited their fantastic website and love all the options and designers they offer!

    I am now officially your google friend! yay!

    great giveaway!

  25. wendy sue says

    omg awesome giveaway(and great new site)!

    I am a bbg follower
    love the concept of the designer apparel site
    I “like” bbg on FB
    so 12 entries total(i think)

  26. Cecilia says

    SO glad the week is over…sad I can’t enjoy a cocktail…I’ll settle for some lemonade and a burger. 🙂 THe ring is beautiful…I already follow you.

  27. Kate Coveny Hood says

    Okay – here we go:

    1. Visit {1 entry} DONE
    2. Follow our new site with Google Friend Connect, which is at the top of our left sidebar. {10 entries} DONE
    3. “Like” BonBon Rose Girls on Facebook. {2 entries} DONE
    4. Follow BonBon Rose Girls on Twitter. {2 entries} DONE
    5. Tweet about this giveaway {2 entries} DONE:
    6. Blog about this giveaway {3 entries} DONE:
    7. Grab our new button from our right sidebar {5 entries} DONE (one both my sites – does that give me TEN entries??)

    I really want to win this…

  28. Jessica says

    Count me in, pretty ladies!

    I love Designer Apparel for the “My Sale” feature. It’s so fun to customize your alerts.

    I’m following via Friend Connect. And I’m a brand new Twitter follower!

  29. Colleen says

    TWELVE entries! Wow – that is sweet. 10 for Google Friend connect and 2 for FB – and for Kate? Now that is a terrific giveaway – and I have been lucky lately…

  30. Shea says

    I agree, TGIF! Such a pretty, fun ring!
    I visited Designer Apparel–great site, I love the create your own sale option! Also, I already followed with Friend Connect and I am also a Twitter Follower.

  31. Allison says

    Mmm, I love me some Kate Spade! I’m so happy you’re having this giveaway, because my poor fingers have been feeling tres naked lately! I just starting following this new blog, but obviously I’ve been an old/loyal follower from before! 🙂
    Glad you’re doing well – wish we could go out for a cocktail together, girl!

  32. Englishvers says

    I so enjoy reading your blog – you are so positively funny. LOL.
    This is such a generous and delightful giveaway, too.
    Am wishing you a fun and happy weekend;-)

  33. MJ says

    Fabulous Giveaway!! Great site! (1)
    A “New” Follower (10)
    “Like” on Facebook (2)
    Follow on Twitter (2)
    Tweeted! @plumstars (2)

    17 entries for me! Thanks!!! 🙂

  34. km says

    I saw this on a friends blog. This isn’t the first time she’s pointed me over here either. Guess I’d better follow you too so that I can work on being hip again.
    I’ve got #1 and #2 covered. Now…off to work on more entries.

  35. Ria says

    2. Follow our new site with Google Friend Connect, which is at the top of our left sidebar. {10 entries}-Done! As Ria
    3. “Like” BonBon Rose Girls on Facebook. {2 entries}-Ria K. on fb
    4. Follow BonBon Rose Girls on Twitter. {2 entries}-@riakod
    7. Grab our new button from our right sidebar {5 entries}-Already done-
    So 19+1 entries?

  36. Amanda says

    The new blog looks SO fab! So, because that ring makes me happy, here are my entries:
    – I follow you on Twitter (woo!) (and how wasn’t I doing that before? fail…)
    – I follow you on Friend connect
    – I visited their site but had to leave because I want it all 😉

    Happy weekend!

  37. Elly says

    Glad to see you made it over to the new site all right…looks great! And what a lovely giveaway to kick off the weekend. Please count me in!

    And I am now following the brand new site! 🙂

  38. bonnie says

    i am a follower of your blog and have liked the stuff on fb, you and them. please enter me, this ring is fab!

  39. laura says

    that is one gorgeous ring. im in!
    and i follow
    thank you for the opportunity. since my dude and gals are all big now i can have my beverages early !!
    ~laura x

  40. Elizabeth says

    …just tweeted.

    and how do you do it? between a hubs, a lil’ dude, bbrg and now shoptopia? you are my hero.

    hope you are having a fantastic weekend.

    oxox ^-^

  41. spanky* says

    tweeted, following, [already a facebook fan]…
    thanx for the encouragement. it’s really meant a lot to have some kind words from other bloggie bitties while i’ve been turning my world upside down!
    luvs it!

  42. Persians and Pulitzer says

    Gorgeous ring!!
    1. Visit {1 entry}
    2. Follow our new site with Google Friend Connect, which is at the top of our left sidebar. {10 entries}
    3. “Like” BonBon Rose Girls on Facebook. {2 entries}
    7. Grab our new button from our right sidebar {5 entries}
    =18 entries for me!!
    Good luck everyone!

  43. Liz says

    Just followed the new site on Google, and I’m checking out that site right now. Love this ring, so perfect for hot summer nights 🙂

  44. shinta says

    i love bianca 1,, hehhehe
    of course i’m your follower dear 🙂
    i also grab your button,,, check on
    and i’ll make a post about this giveaway soon,, yeahh tomorrow,,

    so please enter me 🙂

  45. EverydayChicNY says

    1. Visited {1 entry}
    2. Followed new site with Google Friend Connect. {10 entries}
    3. Already – “Like” BonBon Rose Girls on Facebook. {2 entries}
    4. Already – Follow BonBon Rose Girls on Twitter. {2 entries}

  46. Lori says

    I visited their site. I follow you via Google Friend Connect (I had to update since I was following from the old URL). I like you on FB and I follow you on Twitter.

    Whew…I’m tired now! LOL ☺

  47. Luisa says

    Hi! great giveaway!
    I follow u on google friend connect (10), follow u on twitter @ bellini33 (2), fan on facebook (2), visited Designer apparel (1), and tweeted about you on twitter (2).


  48. SandyBrewer says

    Love the giveaway!!
    1) I visited
    2) I am a follower of your new site
    3) I “Liked” BonBon Rose Girls on FB
    Thats 13 entries! Thanks for begin so generous 🙂

  49. Renee Richardson says

    I follow with Google Friend Connect. Thanks so much for the great giveaway. How exciting!!!


  50. Whitney says

    i tried on this ring at nordstrom’s the other day! love kate spade jewelry. but since i am still on the job hunt and need to exercise the “c” word (ick… control) i dragged myself away from the counter. it would have looked perfect with my tarrytown quinn.

  51. Stacey says

    I really like the designer apparel website – especially the “shop by price” option where I can choose “under $100”!

    This ring is ridiculously gorgeous, by the way!

  52. Jen says

    Wow, I am in love with that ring… *swoon* it’s gorgeous!

    I checked out designer apparel, I’d never heard of them before but they have a really great selection!

    I’m also a friend on google connect, twitter follower, have your button on my blog, blogged it here: and tweeted it as purelyelegant! I would totally “like” you on facebook but it’s blocked for me right now! I *think* that gives me 23 entries…whoot, hope I win!!!

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