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The Beauty of Costa Rica

After settling in at home after a great vacation in Costa Rica, I’ve started to make my way through the photos and once again was struck by the beauty that surrounded us on our trip.  When we arrived in San Jose, we literally found ourselves trapped in a van in the pouring rain.  A mud slide had blocked the highway and all four of us (Kristin, myself, and our respective hubbies) started to get nervous that the days ahead would be all gloom and doom.  Luckily, we not only had a very calm driver who rocked out with us to 8os classics during the delay, but also woke up the next morning to clear skies and warm weather.  Now, that’s what I call a vacation!

Here are a few scenic shots that Floyd took and don’t worry, we have the full slide show coming next week…

Knowing that this would be my last vacation before the bambino arrives, and that there is a good chance of not making it in the pool again until next May, I took full advantage of the downtime.  Here I am enjoying a quiet moment with my beach read.

Costa Rica

Our resort digs, not too shabby!  We stayed just outside of the surfing town of Jaco.

I loved this long winding pool and spent hours in it each day.  If only I could teleport back in January, ha!

Costa Rica

The iguanas look much more regal when posing for pics than when lurking nearby for stray french fries.  Luckily Kristin happens to have an excellent technique for scaring them away.  It involved a hilarious high pitched noise and arm waving that sadly was not captured on camera!

Costa Rica

Such a serene scene, this beach walkway took us to the marina pictured below.  Just so lush and lovely!

Costa Rica


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