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Ummm…apparently hiking equals bubble baths

Unfortunately you read that title correctly.  Which means one of two things.  I either thought I was going hiking and opted for a bubble bath instead OR I went hiking and was so sore afterward that an intervention with hot water and bubbles was needed.  You guessed it.  It’s the latter.  On Sat. while Kristin was enjoying gorgeous fall weather in the ‘cuse, I headed to Harpers Ferry, WV to join my friend, and former personal trainer, Danielle in a birthday hike.  Lesson learned, when your friend, who is also a personal trainer, takes you on a hike, chances are its going to kick your arse!  But it felt great to get out, catch up, and sweat a bit not to mention it really was a picture perfect fall weekend.

And then there was me…

But seriously, Danielle is awesome and anyone in the DC, NOVA area looking for some help in the fitness area should give her a call!

The next day my legs were on fire I was a wee bit sore so I decided to relax and take a long hot bubble bath.  I love taking baths to relax, especially once the weather gets crisp, and I realized that I needed to stock up on some new supplies so that I could get into the zen state.  I’ve always been into chillin’ at bath-time.  I once got caught as a kid smuggling a 3 inch portable TV and perching it on the edge.  My mom almost had a heart attack!  So while I no longer risk electrocuting myself, I do have a few items that always make my list.

Who doesn’t love fancy bath salts or bubble bath? I love when I get it as a gift so I don’t have to personally splurge!

Of course some lite chick lit is in order! (That’s a joke to anyone who has read the book as it isn’t exactly “lite”)

Candles burning is an instant mental relaxer and makes me feel all cozy.

Putting some tunes on the ipod is great, its even better if its a speaker on the counter not the edge so I don’t risk my life a la portable TV style.


p.s. Kristin is guest posting over at Sogni e Sorrisi today. Pop over and read all about her favorite vacation getaway spot! Hint…It’s tropical!

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