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Updating Our Family Traditions

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Almost three years ago, the hubs and I experienced a life changing event. Our family of two became a family of three. Since our little dude joined us, I’ve noticed some really lovely family traditions that have developed almost organically.

Growing up I did not have a hands on father. He didn’t change diapers. He didn’t cook meals. He didn’t clean. My mama did it all. Happily I married a fella who has pitched in from day one. He changed the dude’s first diaper in the hospital. He cooks as much, if not more than I do. He always helps clean our home. The only thing he doesn’t typically help with is the laundry and that is because I’ve banned him from the laundry room. The guy has no understanding of why you don’t wash whites with colors! Haha! I digress…

A couple months after the dude was born we fell into a comfortable routine. We each slept in on one weekend day, while the other one got up with the bambino. My day to sleep in has typically been Saturday. After sleeping a few extra hours, I almost always wake up to the tempting aroma of fresh coffee brewing and waffles sizzling on the waffle iron. To say I live for Saturdays would not be a major exaggeration. It’s beyond wonderful to be able to grab a few extra winks after a week filled to the brim with toddler wrangling. And to then be presented with my favorite breakfast, well, it doesn’t get much better than that lovelies! I decided to catch the hubs in all his waffle makin’ glory. The beauty below was made from scratch. Swoon! Oh, and we don’t limit waffles to breakfast. “Brinner” or breakfast for dinner, as you might know it,  is a fan favorite in our house! Are we alone?!?

hubs making breakfast



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