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What to Wear for Black Friday Shopping

12 Days of Holiday Outfits

Get ready for some more fashion filled fun lovelies! It’s day 2 of our 12 Days of Holiday outfits challenge with Jo-Lynne Shayne and Cyndi Spivey of Walking in Grace and Beauty! Today, we’re tackling what to wear for Black Friday shopping…


If you’re brave enough to face the crowds on Black Friday, you’re going to want to be comfortable! And for me, that means layering! If it’s cold outside, it’s sure to be sweltering inside. Shops and malls seem to crank the heat way up when chilly weather hits, so wearing layers that can be removed when you get hot is clutch. I’m a big fan of a light jacket and oversized scarf combo. The scarf will keep you warm on the walk from the car and can quickly be ripped off and draped over your bag when it’s time. You may remember when I rocked this look on my Chicago trip…I shopped all over that town in it. Haha!


You also want to wear flats. You’re more than likely going to be on your feet all day. Whether that means you rock your favorite pair of ballet flats, moccsasins, sneakers or even boots, just make sure they’re shoes you’ll be comfortable in for the long haul. I prefer to wear ballet flats or moccasins myself on Black Friday because I can easily slip them on and off when I want to try something on. I’ve been wearing these LAMO moccs non-stop lately!


And finally, my number one accessory is a cuppa java. I can’t make it through that loooooooong day without my Starbucks. Just sayin’. So, is Black Friday shopping on your agenda this year or will you be sitting it out and perhaps doing a little retail therapy from the comfort of your couch?

Now it’s time to go visit Jo-Lynne Shayne and Cyndi Spivey of Walking in Grace and Beauty to see what they’re be wearing this Black Friday! And don’t forget to enter our $250 Rack Room shoes gift card giveaway!

Disclosure: We received samples, but the opinions we expressed are our own!

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