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Wedding Wednesday: A Dream Proposal

disney proposal

Just a few short months ago my dream proposal came true.  Perfect future husband…perfect ring…perfect location…the perfect day.  One sunny Florida day, my honey and I headed to Disney’s Magic Kingdom for a day of fun.  As season passholders, this is a regular pastime for us and one that I NEVER get sick of!

We had gotten a late start and arrived right before the afternoon parade.  As we headed up main street hand in hand, surrounded by a sea of parade viewers, my now fiance asked if I wanted to get “our castle picture.”  Every time we go to Magic Kingdom we take a picture in front of Cinderella’s castle.  I handed our camera to one of the street vendors and asked her to take our picture.  She took one and he asked her to take one more.  When I turned back around and looked at him, I saw him reaching into his pocket.  Someone shouted “Oh my gosh!  He is going to propose!”  He started to say: “Baby, we have been together a really long time…I love you very much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you…”

At that moment a lot of things happened at once.  I started to shake and cry. He was on one knee with a ring box in hand saying something (I have no idea what) and there was lots of cheering. All of the sudden I had a ring on my finger and was in his arms.  I am still not certain I said “yes” although when I ask him he laughs and says I said “yes” about 8 times.  It was nothing short of magical (sincere apologies for the cheese fest)!!

proposal story

engagement ring

disney proposal

Disney is very special place for me and for us.  It is the source of some of my favorite childhood memories. – memories with my Mom and sister (Kristin).  Disney was also the first little trip Jer and I took together.  Some of my favorite movies, songs and stories come from this magical land.  And now it’s the location of my dream proposal…

How did your fiance or husband propose to you??  Please share!  I love a good proposal story!

Thanks to my sis for another wonderful Wedding Wednesday post!

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