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Wedding Wednesday: How to Keep Kids Entertained

Happy Wedding Wednesday loves! It’s finally here…My wedding week is officially underway and my fiance and I are thrilled to include our nieces and nephews in our bridal party!  We are blessed with 7 nieces and nephews and an 8th on the way.

The reception can be tricky for little ones.  Between dinner, speeches, and some of the traditional wedding activities which will keep them in their seats, kids need something to keep them entertained during the quieter moments of the night. To help pass this time and add a little fun, I made these activity books for our nieces and nephews!

kids wedding activity book

I found this book on Etsy and knew it was perfect for our favorite kiddos!  The activity books include coloring pages, wedding bingo, wedding eye spy, a wedding scavenger hunt and more.

kids wedding activity book

The activities really include them in all the wedding fun!  Who caught the bouquet?  I eye spy with my little eye a red dress!  Draw how you would like your wedding cake to look some day!  And much much more…I also included blank paper for coloring and doodling!

kids wedding activity book

kids wedding activity book

kids wedding activity book

kids wedding activity book

The template was adorable on its own, however, I wanted to add that extra Jessica flair!  I had the booklets spiral bound at Kinko’s.  I purchased folders, paper, and pens in my signature color purple.  I scored lime green converse pencil cases at Staples for their crayons and pens.  I also added a ribbon detail to the folders and made labels for each child as well as a little message inside.

Being an Auntie is very very special to me and it was important to me to have little touches at the wedding to show them how much they mean to us!  What do you think?? All you need for this DIY made with love is…

  • Wedding activity book template from Etsy
  • Folders
  • Labels
  • Blank paper
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Crayons, pencils, markers, and/or pens

P.S. I may or may not be a former preschool teacher.  Does it show????  HA!

I can’t believe my sister’s wedding day is just a few days away…She truly is a wonderful auntie and I know that the dude and the lil’ lady bean are as happy for her as I am!

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