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Wedding Wednesday: I can’t say I do without you!

My sister Jessica is with us today for another edition of Wedding Wednesday!

One of the most special steps in wedding planning is selecting your bridal party.  My fiance and I wanted our bridal party to be small and composed of our most special relationships.  I knew that when I asked my girls to be in the wedding I wanted to do something special and remind them how much I love them!  I chose my sister as my maid of honor, my best friend of over a decade and my future sister-in-law to stand up with me.

One evening, while doing my daily scroll around Etsy, I found the most PERFECT card to ask my girls to be a part of my wedding!  I used this card as the theme through the evening and the gifts!!

bridal party card

I took my girls and mama out for a simple dinner at a local Mexican restaraunt (Cantina Laredo) known for their guac made table side!  YUM!  I spoiled them with a few heart-felt gifts and a red velvet cake.  It was a wonderful girls’ night out and a great memory! Ain’t love grand?!?

bridesmaid dinner

bridal party dinner

bridesmaid cake

As a participant in that lovely evening, I can say that my sister went out of her way to make us all feel special! I can’t wait for her big day! – Kristin

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