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Wedding Wednesday: The Bouquet/Garter Toss (Yay or Nay?)

So, since it’s Wedding Wednesday and all, I thought I would do a lil’ wedding post. How do y’all feel about the bouquet/garter toss? I was going to forgo it at my wedding as I think it’s a bit brutal to force single folks to take center stage. However, I had a couple of very vocal bridesmaids, ahem Meg and my sis, who insisted that it was tradition.

In the end I went through with the tosses and they resulted in some cute photo ops at least. And I didn’t hear any groans from the dudes and dudettes who filed out onto the dance floor! There’s nothing wrong with a little tradition right?

So, tell  me lovelies…Did you engage in the traditional tosses? Are you planning on doing so if you aren’t hitched yet? And better yet…Do you have any photos to share?

Hugs to Cheryl for sharing her toss photos!

kristin's bouquet toss

This was staged. Can you tell? HA!

kristin's bouquet toss

Here's the real thing!

kristin's bouquet catcher

Me and the bouquet lovely bridesmaid Corinne!

kristin's garter toss

The hubs really played it up for the crowd. I think we can thank scotch for that. HA!

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