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Hello lovelies! I hope you all had sweet weekends, I know I savor every day that I can relax and enjoy friends and family.  In between tons of errands, laundry and all that other jazz, I just hopped onto the Instagram bandwagon and am loving it.  There are so many fun settings and I’m finding so many great inspiring photos!   My new goal in life is to become an amazing camera phone photographer.  I mean it’s just so much lighter than the big SLR!  Here are a few fun Instagram pics from my weekend, but go easy on me, I’m a newbie.

I, of course, drank a ton of this in one of my favorite mugs!

Weekend Images

Loved some QT playing with this guy…

Weekend Images

Got my hair did. Word.

Weekend Images

And attended our first “Mustache Bash”, the most adorably themed 1st birthday party ever!

Weekend Images

Anyone else out there using and loving Instagram? Hit me up with your feed.  I’d love to see your inspiring and fun pics too!


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