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What I Wish I’d Known Before I Had My Second Baby

the dude and the lil' lady bean

image via Best Part Photography

I wish that someone had told me before I had my lil’ lady bean this summer that every baby is different. Ok, maybe someone did tell me that. My mom just might have told me that a time or two, but it didn’t really sink in until I brought my darling girl home and saw how very different she was from her brother.

Whereas her brother was a completely laid back bambino, she’s a bit more high maintenance. Her brother didn’t care whether I fed him or a bottle did, as long as food was making it into his belly. The lil’ lady bean only wants moi. We were able to squeeze in date nights or run errands pretty early on by leaving the dude with his Mimi (aka my mom) or my sister, but my daughter isn’t having it. When she wants her mommy and daddy, she wants them NOW!

The one thing they do have in common is their propensity to produce buckets of drool. My sweet girl is teething now and she’s a full on drool factory. One product that I found to be a must have with both kiddos are the terrycloth kind of bibs that really soak up the old drool. Those thin, flimsy bibs that do little more than look cute are pretty useless when your baby is drooling ALL day long! Comforts for Baby makes some pretty cute and, more importantly, functional ones!

So, while my kiddos are definitely individuals, together they complete me!The best tip that I can offer to those who are expanding their family is don’t go in expecting the same experience the next time around that you had with your first child. Just go with the flow…And while your experience with consecutive kiddos might be different, it will be just as special!

As the mama of two, I’ve learned to juggle multiple things at once and I’m doing my best to do it well!

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