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Whiter Teeth, A Smile Brilliant Review

Starting off the new year, both Kristin and I have made a commitment to taking time to really take care of ourselves. I know that the term self-care has been used a lot in the past year. And while it can feel overused, it’s really nice to see this shift culturally. Women, especially moms, are realizing that taking care of themselves allows them to recharge and feel good about themselves. Which is why I was excited for this Smile Brilliant review and finding out how to get whiter teeth easily at home.

Smile Brilliant Review

After years of very regular coffee drinking and red wine nights, my smile was definitely feeling dull. I was looking for solutions at home, that felt easy to do. Ones that didn’t require me ditching the java. Smile Brilliant seemed like a great solution. 

Before Smile

Smile Brilliant Process

Smile Brilliant started as a family-owned company that set out to provide professional quality teeth whitening within the comforts of home. Sounds pretty great, right?! It arrived in a kit with everything needed and really simple instructions. I made my dental impressions within a few minutes. Next I sent them in the mail with the included envelope to be made into molds.

Once the molds arrived, they fit perfectly. All I had to do was use the whitening gel for about 45 minutes to 3 hours. I used the whitening gel a few times a week. And while it did say it is best to use it in the evening, I several times did it in the morning since that was the best time that worked for me. The kit also includes desensitizing gel that you can use for 15 minutes in the molds afterward. Although after several whitening sessions, my teeth never experienced sensitivity.

Overall I found the process really simple. I thought it would be intimidating but after my first use I had it down.

Smile Brilliant Supplies

Smile Brilliant Mold Supplies

Smile Brilliant, The After Photos

I have been so pleased with my Smile Brilliant results. In just a few weeks time my smile feels so much whiter and brighter! It’s also amazing how much more confident I feel. I knew I was feeling a bit self-conscious at my less than white smile, but since it’s been freshened up I’ve been putting my best smile forward. What a great solution that I now have right at my fingertips!

Dazzling White TeethSmile Brilliant Review Smile Brilliant After Photo

To find out more about Smile Brilliant and find your dazzling bright smile, head on over to the Smile Brilliant website.

Disclosure: A sample was provided for the purposes of this review.

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