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Our Favorite Ways to Wear Animal Prints

I'm a sucker for animal prints...I always have been. And one of my very ways to wear animal prints is in shoe form. Sure, I love a killer pair of animal print heels, but there are so many more ways to rock animal print footwear. So, being that animal prints will forever be a fall favorite of mine, I ... READ the POST

How to Wear Denim Shorts this Summer

The shorts Renaissance continues here at Take Time for Style! I'm on vacation in our beloved Blue Ridge Mountains and it is hot hot hot y'all. I figured it would be a bit steamy considering it's June in Georgia so I picked up a few new pairs of shorts before we left. And my favorite pair just so ... READ the POST

Why We’re Still Loving Mixed Print Looks

Mixed print print looks have been a part of my wardrobe for as long as I can remember. It's a "trend" I can't seem to quit and I think Megan feels the same way. In fact, I love her stripes and animal prints take on things from last summer so much, I do believe I'm going to try to recreate it myself ... READ the POST

Color Combo Crush: Black and Brown

Growing up it was drilled into us that wearing black and brown together was a no no. Such silliness right? When I finally decided to throw caution to the wind and ignore most fashion "rules," apart from the rule of fit (which is gospel), wearing black and brown together was one of the first things I ... READ the POST