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Instant Pot Thai Steak Dinner Recipe

Read on to see how to make a super tasty, easy and hearty winter meal with this Instant Pot Thai steak dinner recipe... When January arrives I am usually pretty darn tired. After this cluster of a year, I am extra beat. And I knew I would be. So, I pregamed this year and pulled together some ... READ the POST

Easy Holiday Funfetti Dip for Online Shopping

Read on for a tasty holiday funfetti dip recipe and BIG Shopbop holiday sale details!  If you're anything like this girl you love funfetti everything. That delicious cake mix makes so many goodies, when used as a base, and this festive funfetti dip is no exception! It's a perfect holiday ... READ the POST

My Ultimate 2020 Holiday Gifts for Her Picks

  This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx. Read on for my ultimate 2020 holiday gifts for her picks! You're sure to find something for a special lady in your life! Let's just call 2020 what it has been...I can only think of one word. This year has just been HARD, plain and simple! It ... READ the POST

Salted Caramel Snickerdoodle Cookies Recipe

Read on for all the yummy details on our latest go-to cookies. This salted caramel Snickerdoodle cookies recipe is the bee's knees! Salted caramels are my all time favorite candy, so it stands to reason that salted caramel flavored cookies would be right up my alley. I'm sure you can imagine ... READ the POST

#FailFix Total Makeover Dolls: The Ultimate Holiday Gift

Read on to see why I think #FailFix Total Makeover Dolls make the ultimate holiday gift for kids! If you know my daughter, you know how much she loves getting all dolled up. That means playing dress up, hair salon, spa name it, she loves it! So, when I was introduced to the brand ... READ the POST