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Valentine Fruit Heart

Fruit Heart

You might have noticed that Valentine’s Day is a holiday that both Kristin and I just love! No pun intended. But we do! Maybe its that now its more about celebrating with our hubbies and making the day special for our children versus when we were younger and the day was a lot more anxiety filled. There is nothing quite like seeing the excitement over the little things with your child. Jake gets so tickled from even just a small gesture or holiday themed treat.

This Valentine Fruit Heart is a cute way to start the day without it being all sweet treats. It would be the perfect pairing to a bowl of yogurt or oatmeal to start the day. After all, you know those class parties are going to be sugar filled! Here’s how we created this pretty plate, although I’m sure you could fill your own Valentine Fruit Heart with any items that your family loves!

Filled In Fruit Heart

Valentine Fruit Heart Ingredients 
pint of fresh raspberries
pint of fresh blueberries
red seedless grapes
medium size plate (or whatever size you prefer, mine was perfect for the kids after school snack)
Raspberry Heart Outline
1. After rinsing your fruit, start by making a heart outline using the fresh raspberries. I used raspberries for the outline because they didn’t roll. I played around with it, spacing them out and adding more as needed.
2. Next, fill the heart in with your other fruit. I chose to do equal parts of all 3 blueberries, grapes and strawberries but you can do whatever suits your needs or that you have on hand.
3. Watch your little ones smile as they enjoy their heart themed breakfast or snack. Yum!
Valentine Fruit Heart
Now that’s a holiday treat I can handle!
And if you love baking holiday themed treats, our Strawberry and Vanilla cookies are pretty perfect for Valentine’s Day too!
Strawberry Cream Cookies

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