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Must Have Casual Summer Maxi Dresses

Who wants the lowdown on some must have casual summer maxi dresses? I know you fellow maxi lovers are out there! If you asked someone who knows me in real life what my signature look is, they would probably say it's a maxi dress and metallic Birkenstocks. The look is cute, comfy and just the kind of ... READ the POST

How to Wear Maxis in the Summer

You've been seeing me post a lot about shorts this summer right? I will admit, I've been wearing shorts more often than not as it's been so darn hot around here. That doesn't mean, however, that I've given up on my tried and true maxi dresses. They've been a signature look of mine for a while now ... READ the POST

Maxis for Fall

I've made it pretty clear that I rock maxis ALL year long...and that includes when it cools down. From the look I posted earlier today, you can see how I plan on working maxis into my fall wardrobe.Here's yet another example...I haven't taken to maxi skirts as much as I have maxi dresses, but ... READ the POST

Viva la Spring: A Warm Weather Look

Reminder: Google Friend Connect will no longer be compatible with our blog starting tomorrow! Please check out this post to see the alternative ways you can keep up with BonBon Rose Girls!Hopefully those of you that are experiencing cold snaps won't hate me too much, but it's just beautiful here ... READ the POST

Take it to the Maxi

So, I know you maxi naysayers are going to say...not another maxi dress post! I apologize. I can't help myself. The prevalence of seventies style in the spring collections and my neverending love for the maxi requires me to continue to try to convince those of you that think you can't wear them that ... READ the POST