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5 Tips for How Moms Can Keep their Energy Up

Now that the kids are back at school, I'm busier than ever. True, there's more structure than there was during our laid back summer, but between having two kids at two different schools, dance lessons and baseball starting soon, I'm tired just thinking about my fall schedule. I also need to somehow ... READ the POST

How to Stay Cool this Summer

When summer hits, I'm totally an iced tea girl. There is nothing quite as refreshing as a nice cold glass of iced tea. That being said, it doesn't exactly give me the caffeine jolt I'm often looking for, so even in the dead of summer I still turn to my daily cups of Joe. Let's be real though. A ... READ the POST

Perfect Last Minute Gift Idea

Even the most well thought out and planned Christmas elf mom, sometimes has to go out and get a last minute gift. It could be for a teacher, neighbor or friend but you just can't go empty handed and you want to show this person that you do care. And you DO! But its hard in the holiday frenzy to keep ... READ the POST

Easiest Pumpkin Spice Latte Ever

If you know Megan and me in real life, you know that we're kinda coffee fanatics. When we're together, our day does not start until we've consumed a cuppa Joe or two or three, HA...and like pretty much everyone, we can't get enough of the pumpkin spice latte. We even have a great recipe for making ... READ the POST

The Easiest Iced Coffee Ever

I'm a steamin' cuppa Joe kinda girl...but lately, I've been enjoying a nice tall glass of iced coffee just as much. Remember the Frappuccino "recipe" I posted the other day? Well, as much as I love the frothy stuff, there is something to be said for plain old coffee over ice...but I know how busy ... READ the POST

Super EASY Frappuccino “Recipe”

To say we love Starbucks is a gross understatement...It's usually the first place we hit up when us girls are together. We can't face the day without our coffee fix...Who's with us? In fact, if you peruse our Instagram feed, I'll daresay you'll see quite a few pics involving us and a 'bucks cup. ... READ the POST