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2011 Calendars. Gone before you know it!

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My dear friends, good calendars are like good bikinis.  If you wait too late to purchase, you’ll be left with the crap.  We’re talking cheap kitty calendars. Or a calendar of places you’ve never been to.  “Is that the Great Wall of China?!”  Yes.  Yes it is.

As it is mid-January I urge you to seize the day.  Still in denial that it’s already 2011 and using scrap pieces of paper to write down appointments?  If so, then know you are in good company.  I too am a little late on my calendar purchasing.  This past weekend I could take it no longer and made the trip to the Annapolis Paper Source to get a new “family calendar”.  Sure it’s just Floyd and I, but things go a lot smoother when we have a place to keep each other posted on what’s going on in our crazy little world.  We really loved our Paper Source Art Grid calendar last year, so we purchased the 2011 version.

AND I was gifted this beyond adorable calendar from my friend Cait.  She is a crazy great DIYer (is that even a word?!).  For $8 at this etsy shop, she purchased the art file and then was able to print many on her own and give away as gifts.  What a great idea and the perfect idea for friends! My favorite month is April’s, “Jump Puddles and Curse Frizzy Hair”.  Word.

Surely I’m not the only one late in the game.  Right?  Anyone else scrambling to get a calendar?


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