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Albuquerque, A Balloon Fiesta!

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For the past several days I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to Albuquerque, New Mexico for work.  I was able to squeeze in some fun time, enjoying not only amazing weather (85 and cheerfully sunny!), as well as the famous Hot Air Balloon Fiesta and overall gorgeous landscapes. I truly appreciate how lucky I am, trust me!

On Friday we took, “THE WORLD’S LONGEST TRAMWAY” up to the Sandia Peak mountain.  And yes, you must bellow out “THE WORLD’S LONGEST TRAMWAY” with arms outstretched.  It’s required.  The tram takes about 12 minutes to get to the top of the mountain, which means for 12 minutes you are gently swaying while watching giant boulders below and praying that the cable doesn’t snap.  It of course did not snap and plunge us all to our death, but I’m willing to wager the thought goes through every rider’s mind.

At the top of the peak, we dined at the High Finance restaurant, named for the steep price it cost to build the tram.  It’s a casual and delicious joint, and I had a steak and feta pita that would knock your socks off.  After lunch, it was off to take in the scenery and of course pose with signs that show just how high I was.

Sandia Tram

Sandia Peak, New Mexico

On Saturday, we woke up before dawn to experience the Balloon Fiesta.  At 5am we were dragging our rear ends to the shuttle that would take us to the balloon fields so we could watch the sunrise ascension.  I’m not a morning person, especially that early, and it was beyond worth it.  The first balloon began to float into the sky bearing the American flag and the entire field took a moment to pause and sing the Star Spangled Banner.  It was a beautiful, peaceful moment.  The calm before the storm of balloons that were mere seconds from lifting off.  By 7:00am, the balloons started to fill with air and glow all around as the sun peeked over the mountains.
Thirty minutes later, with hundreds of balloons rising all around us, we all quickly forgot out our early morning wake-up calls.  Plus, with a giant breakfast burrito (a local tradition that I may just bring back with me) and an even larger coffee, and I was as good as new.

Hot Air Balloon Morning

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta iphone

So there you have it.  The highlights of Albuquerque.  If any of you have the opportunity to take in the Balloon Fiesta, I highly recommend.  Plus here are a few eats we discovered that received group consensus.

Sadie’s – A favorite with the locals, this is truly authentic Mexican cuisine.  The salsa was to die for!

Gold Street Café – Busy but not overcrowded, this was a cute local stop that had me licking my brunch plate clean.

Elephant Bar – Apparently a chain restaurant, the safari décor and diverse menu were a crowd pleaser.


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