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Lincoln Center: Where we spent the majority of our fabulous week!

Hello lovelies. I am officially back in the sunshine state! I had an outta this world time in NYC at fashion week, but there is something to be said for sleeping in your own bed and being able to give your hubs and kiddo a hug! Thanks so much for hanging in there with us this while we were gone. I know our posting has been a bit irregular, but we’ll be back on track with our regular schedule in no time! Meg is still out of town on business and I’m settling in on the home front, so it’s going to take a bit more time for us to get back to you on any questions you may have asked. And if you recently joined our Rosebud Network, never fear, I will get you up at some point this week! Before I take off to spend some much needed QT with the fam, here are some giveaway winner announcements you might be interested in checking out…

The winner of the American Express gift card from AOL Shopping is Dana from Adventures of a PICU Nurse! The Brag Company Bra Bag and Panty Pak are going to Carly Anne from All this Grace and Charm. And Melanie from Melanie’s Randomness will be walking around in a brand new pair of KM2 Shoes!

Congrats ladies! Send us your contact info when you have a moment!


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