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Breast Cancer Awareness and the Must Watch Lifetime Movie Event Five

Today I did something that I’ve been dreading. I watched the Lifetime movie Five. Why have I been dreading this? I’ll tell you. Despite the fact that it’s been several years since losing my Auntie Loa, the pain is still fresh. I feel like it was just yesterday that I watched my mama crumble after receiving the call that her best friend since childhood, her sister really, was gone. I can still feel my heart being squeezed so tight I thought it would burst as I watched my auntie’s teenage daughter deliver a beautiful eulogy with grace and poise that defied her age. Yep. It still hurts…but my heart is filled with more than pain when I think about my auntie.

Shortly after my plane landed the day before I attended her funeral, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and nobody was there. At that instant, I knew. My Auntie Loa was letting me know that she was ok. And with that, I felt peace. I’ve felt her with me ever since. My mama always said that my love for fashion came straight from my auntie. So, when I attended Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for the first time, I know my Auntie Loa was there. Every time I put on one of my favorite leopard print pieces, she’s there. When I select yet another Chanel polish, she’s there. When I delight in my sweet toddler’s giggle, she’s there. And for that, I am grateful.

As I sat down to watch this movie, I prepared myself for the flood of emotions that would surely hit me. And I’m not going to lie. At moments, it was incredibly difficult not to just turn off the tv…but life isn’t supposed to be easy is it? We owe it to ourselves to face the unthinkable. We owe it to ourselves to plow through the tough times and fight. We owe it to those who are no longer able to fight. My auntie put up a helluva fight and the least I could do was sit through a movie. And I’m so glad I did.

Five is an anthology of five short films sponsored by Walgreens Way to Well Commitment and Ford Warriors in Pink. An all star cast was directed by Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore, Alicia Keys, Penelope Spheeris and Patty Jenkins. We are introduced to a little girl who is losing her mother, a woman with stage 4 who decides to throw caution to the wind and really live, an exotic dancer who struggles with her identity, a tough as nails career girl who finally lets her family in and again to that little girl who lost her mother. She is now the one staring down the face of breast cancer.

As I watched each of these characters deal with breast cancer and the effect it had on their lives, I got angry. Why is this dreadful disease still ravaging so many people? Why do so many children have to say goodbye to their mamas? Why do so many husbands lose their beloved wives? I’m inspired. Inspired to do whatever I can to honor my auntie and help conquer this thing! Do yourselves a favor and tune into Lifetime on October 10. To say that Five is powerful is a gross understatement. I daresay you will walk away inspired too!




Although, my auntie is gone, I will carry her with me always and I will never stop advocating breast cancer awareness. If you take anything away from this post and this movie…I hope it’s the desire to fight! Check yourselves. Live healthier lifestyles. Join the cause. Do something!

A huge thank you to Lifetime Moms for giving me the opportunity to screen Five!

I know there is a slew of pink power pieces out there that we’re all tempted to purchase, especially this month. Please try to make sure that your funds are actually going toward a verified cause! The profit from the sales of this Maya Brenner necklace that was created for Five, for instance, will go to the the National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund!

maya brenner five necklace



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