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Celebrating the Holidays with Spirit

I live for Halloween…Not only because I love getting all dressed up and celebrating our favorite spooky holiday, but also because it’s the gateway to my favorite time of year…the holidays! Once November 1st hits, you can bet that I’m heading to my attic for my all my holiday decorations and busting out the Christmas music. Haha! But before I get too ahead of myself, I thought I would take a moment and really appreciate the fun Halloween has to offer. So, let’s talk about how we’re celebrating the holidays with Spirit

spirit elsa costume

elsa wig

queen elsa

Take my four year old daughter for instance. She’s still living for Elsa. It’s all princesses all the time around here and Elsa is still number one. Frozen fever has not yet died down. So, she couldn’t have been more thrilled when Spirit sent her a dream Elsa costume. From an icy gown to a proper Elsa wig, my little lady is going to be outfitted head to toe in Elsa finery. So, while her mama is looking ahead to Peppermint Mochas and Christmas sweaters, my baby girl is preparing for a night filled with trick or treating all dressed up as her favorite princess. One can’t help but take pause and revel in her joy!


elsa costume

We were so thrilled with her costume, in fact, that I decided to dig around the Spirit site some more and found that they have loads of uber cool decorations in addition to countless costumes. So, being that we’re moving this year and will have more time to properly decorate for Halloween next year, I’m planning on stocking up on decorations to properly spookify our new home next Halloween! Luckily they’re having a HUGE clearance sale right now. So, stay tuned for how we’ll be celebrating the holidays in 2017…

Are you ready for the holidays too or are you screaming TOO SOON at me? Haha!

This is not a sponsored post. We did receive a sample.

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