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Dress Up Denim with Our Favorite Women’s Fashion Accessory

If I’m not wearing shorts this summer you’ll probably find me in boyfriend jeans. They’re kind of my go-to and have been for ages now. In fact, I have a particular pair that I’ve worn so much season, they’re already good and broken in. Haha! You all know how it is…when you something is your favorite, you tend to over wear it. I’m pretty sure my friends and family are totally sick of seeing me in my beloved boyfriends non-stop, but I just can’t quit them. They’re that comfy. Luckily, I was recently introduced to a handy little accessory that can dress up my denim in seconds! Say hello to our favorite new women’s fashion accessory…Kuhfs.


Kuhfs are a multi-purpose accessory that can be easily attached to jeans, capris and even boots! They come in a slew of fun prints, but being that it’s summer, I went for the anchor print, otherwise known as Smooth Sailing, because who doesn’t love a little nautical inspiration in the summertime? This girl sure does. Plus, the print is so subtle, I know I’ll be able to style my Kuhfs with loads of different looks. This time around I decided to go all in with the nautical vibe and wore my anchors with a red, white and blue striped top. Nude t-strap sandals, aviators and my African bead necklace were the perfect finishing touches!

red, white and blue stripes


nautical look

So, if you’re looking for ways to get more wear out of your denim…look no further than the oh so versatile women’s fashion accessory Kuhfs! Just think of the possibilities. I, for one, can’t wait to see how Megan’s going to wear hers. She selected a butterfly print that you’ll get to see next week!

women's fashion accessory

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