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Fall Fashion Must Have: Cowboy Boots

Have you heard the news? Cowboy boots are going to be big this fall and winter and this girl couldn’t be more thrilled! Being that I’m a wannabe cowgirl at heart, I’m delighted that I’ll be able to bring out my beloved cowboy boots for even more wear this year. In fact, they just recently made an appearance on my dude ranch getaway at the White Stallion Ranch with Megan.

Red Dress Ranch

I mean what better place is there to rock cowboy boots than at a dude ranch? My boots were certainly at home there and they’re about to be a whole lot more at home in my every day life thanks to the trend report. Not that I only subscribe to trends. Current trends never stop me from wearing my favorite things, but I digress…Let’s get back to those cowboy boots!

Red Dress Long

Red Dress Jewelry

Red Dress Boots

For today’s look I paired my beloved Frye cowboy boots with a boho chic Free People dress and turquoise jewelry. Yeah, I went full on western with it! As much as I love Western influences, I love the boho chic vibe, so I’m thrilled when I can combine the two. Plus, they both tend to be super comfy which is always a win in my book. Sure, I want to look cute, but I’m not keen to sacrifice comfort in order to get there. And there’s nothing comfier than a flowy dress or a perfectly broken in pair of cowboy boots! And cowgirl chic simple turquoise ring and bracelet were the final flourish.

Red Dress Horse 2

Shop the look: embroidered dress / turquoise bracelet / turquoise ring / cowboy boots

It certainly made for an appropriate dude ranch dinner ensemble in my book, but I would love to hear how you feel about cowboy boots. Should they stay on the ranch or are you too ready for mainstream cowboy boots wear? Inquiring minds want to know!

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