Guess who’s going to be a big brother?

I’m elated to announce that next year the dude will no longer be an only child! The hubs and I are expecting bambino number two! And that, my friends, is the super secret project I’ve been working on. This little bean has been making mama uber sick, so that’s why you haven’t seen me around as much lately.

I’m hoping that my second trimester will be a bit less brutal than this last one was and I’ll be back to blogging business as usual very soon! Oh, and now that I don’t have to hide my ever expanding middle, I can finally do outfit posts again! Woot woot! Who’s ready to see how I style my baby bump?

kristin's preggers

A special shout out to Maya Brenner for sending me one of their state necklaces…Now, I can proudly display my Florida girl status to the world! And yes…I am aware that my necklace is backward. I blame my photographer, AKA the hubs, for not telling me. HA!


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