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Holiday Gift Worthy Finds from BabbleBoxx

There is  little else that brings me as much happiness as putting a smile on a loved one’s face during the holidays. The season is already so magical thanks to the joyous music, twinkling lights, tasty treats and beloved flicks, but giving a gift. That’s what will really light me up this season. Now that being said, finding the perfect holiday gift for everyone on my list is no easy fit. For some, it will be an experience, a spa day for my mama perhaps, and for some it will be something I can wrap.

And that is the area I’ve been struggling with. I have no shortage of experience gift ideas. My shark lovin’ kiddo can expect a visit to the best aquarium around, but I digress….As much as I love giving those types of gifts, I just adore watching my people rip open a package too. And being that the women in my life have been particularly supportive to yours truly this past year, I really want to spoil them. Luckily, BabbleBoxx came to my rescue with a slew of holiday wish list worthy finds…So, sit back and get ready to get some serious holiday gift ideas for HER inspo!

More Holiday Gift Ideas for Her

Waterpik Complete Care 5.0 Water Flosser and Sonic Toothbrush…Who doesn’t want the gift of a sparkling smile? It’s not enough to go the old school route of flossing and brushing. If you really want your grin to glisten, a water flosser is where it’s at. It removes that icky sticky plaque that’s forever forming along our teeth and gum line. You see, while most women want that ideal smile, they might not pick up a water flosser and/or sonic toothbrush for themselves. That’s why this combo is the perfect gift! I can tell you that my my mouth as never felt so clean! I know my dentist is going to be very pleased the next time I see her. She’s been urging me to get one. Don’t you want to make someone’s dentist on your shopping list happy? Haha!

Style It

Le Tote Fashion Subscription Box…Give the gift of fashion! Most of the ladies in my life are as busy as I am, so giving them a gift card to a subscription box service like Le Tote would be such a special treat. With this style based service (at $59.95 per month) they can use their holiday gift to order a tote stocked with five new pieces to play around with (3 and 2 accessories). They have the month to wear their finds and then either swap out the items for another fashion filled tote or purchase some (or all) of the items they received at 20-50% off retail value. How cool is that?! Here’s a little peek at my holiday-ready tote. A velvet dress and statement earrings have me itchin’ to head out to a holiday soiree!

23AndMe DNA Ancestry Kit…My mom, sister and I have often wondered just where our ancestors came from and who they were. We have a family crest to go on, but there are holes in our lineage that we would love to fill. So, I know an ancestry kit would thrill them both to no end! And I, of course, had to put it to the test first. This DNA test process couldn’t be easier. You simply put saliva sample into the provided envelope and pop your DNA test in the mail. I can’t wait to see my results! And now that I’ve piqued your interest, I get to let you know that 23AndMe has special holiday offers running from now through December 26th. Head HERE for all the details!

Sabon Cheers to Rose Tea Kit…Every girl needs some pampering in her life and the right beauty products can make her feel pampered in an instant! This limited edition body scrub and lotion set from Sabon comes in a beautiful rose gold colored box and is the most delicious rose tea scent. It would make the perfect holiday gift for everyone from your bestie to your grandmother! My only problem is decided just who the lucky lady will be. This Sabon set is a real crowd pleaser!

Tech Time

FUJIFILM instax® SHARE SP-3 SQ printer…Do you have tons of adorable photos on your smart phone that you don’t know what to do with? I bet your loved ones do too. With this printer from FUJIFILM you can print ANY photo that’s on there. You can even print pics from your apps like Instagram, Facebook, Google Photos, flickr, and Dropbox. I see a photo book filled with grandkids in my mama’s future. Just sayin’! Head HERE to download the app from iTunes or HERE from Google Play.

Sandisk iXpand Base…I am not very good about backing up. I admit it. And most of my family, apart from my very organized step-dad, are no different. So, a gadget that makes backing up all the important info on my smart phone like all the precious images I snap of my kids would be most welcome under my tree come Christmas…And I know at least one or TEN others in my life who would be just as thrilled with iPhone external storage. I’m definitely not the only one who uses every once of available storage space. Bwah! And this base is so compact it would easily be at home on a nightstand. All too soon, backing up before you go to bed will be routine!

Work It

Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Shirt…Do you ever just want to give yourself? I’m a firm believer that hard work deserves a reward and I’ve been hitting the pavement for nearly a year after almost that long spent in physical therapy. So, running gear is my guilty pleasure these days. Being that it’s hot hot hot most months here in Florida, a tee that has a cooling system that moves moisture away from the skin and keeps things up to 30 degrees cooler during a workout is right up my alley. If you are someone on your list is a fellow workout fan, mark this down as a must have!

So, there you have it…A slew of fun and original holiday gift ideas for her. Happy shopping!

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx. All opinions expressed are our own.


  1. I really want to Ancestry kit and the water pick great gift options both. Your dress is also beautiful love the green color and that isa wrap dress. Need to check that subscription.

  2. Yes! I cannot say enough about the Water Pik and am thinking about getting one for my son. We just bought the newest model for us and it’s so much easier than dental floss. We also just did the 23andMe kit. I have gotten lost in geneology since then and was very surprised by the result.

  3. I’ve been seeing those instant printers everywhere and this FUJIFILM one seems like a great option. What a fun throwback to the Polaroid days- always love to see old fads coming back into style.

  4. My daughter is desperate for some tech gifts! An Instax Camera (I think that’s what they’re called) and a HP Sprocket are right at the top of her list. You’ve shared some great ideas for her here too 🙂

    Louise x

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