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How I Stay Organized and Productive

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For most of us, staying organized is no easy feat. I know we all experience when like feels like an overwhelming mess. But right now, more than ever, I need to squeeze the most out of each and every day. So I’m excited to share a few tips that have really helped me stay both organized and productive over the past year when we started our own family business.

Tips to Stay Organized and Productive
How I Stay Organized

1. Make a Daily To Do List – It’s not enough for me to just make a To Do list. I write down the top three things I plan on getting done that day. Sure often my list grows but the first three are the ones that are the MUST DO’s. And writing it down helps me stay focused on those goals as requests that can sidetrack fly my way. Do write down a To Do list? This Knock Knock Notepad lets me categorize on the day, week and long term tasks.

Motivational Quote

This is also a good time to get motivated for the day! Printing out motivational quotes and pinning them up in my work area helps me get mentally prepared for the day.

Panda Planner

2. Keep an Up To Date Calendar – I keep both a paper and an electronic calendar. The paper calendar, like this Panda Planner, sits on my desk and helps me when I’m looking at long-term production schedules, kids holidays and even when I’m on a conference call and need to have my schedule handy.

In addition to this, when I need some time to just think it out, I shut down. My computer that is! Working on a notepad without my computer allows me to avoid those sneaky distractions. No messages or social media to pull me away from the task at hand! This is great for creative brainstorming!

Thank You Notes

3. Express Gratitude – It is so meaningful to both friends and clients when you send a note that lets them know how much they mean to you. I try to make a point to write a few thank you notes a week. Having pretty notecards in my top drawer ready to go means that I won’t let it linger too long (this pretty design is by Erin Condren). Also, expressing gratitude is a great way to stay centered among the chaos.

Pencils and Bright File Folders

4. Bring a Print Out – Ok this might seem like a strange one. When I’m going to a meeting, I often bring a file folder with any important emails or instructions printed out. For a video production company that means production schedules, important notes on direction, estimates, etc. It can seem rude to look these on your phone during the meeting. Having the emails printed with important notes highlighted shows I’m ready to go and taking the project seriously.

Rework the Book

5. Taking Time to Read and Learn – I value learning from the experience of other great leaders and entrepreneurs. One way I do this is by reading a little each day. There is almost always a nugget of information I find helpful and inspiring. The “Rework” book is what is on my nightstand right now.

How do you stay organized and productive? Looking for a way to add reading into your life? Join me and the Paper & Packaging Board in the How Life Unfolds #15PagesADay campaign! We can all tackle those books on our reading list by starting with a goal of 15 pages a day.

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