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Introducing Naughty Bites

I’m elated to introduce you lovely readers to Meg’s mama’s company Naughty Bites

naughty bites

Naughty Bites is a snack mix that is truly addicting for those that favor sweet and salty treats. Dark chocolate is hand drizzled over large kernels of caramel popcorn and then combined with cashews, pecans and peanuts. Add the unique flavor of honey mustard onion pretzels and you’ve got yourself a “snack that always leaves you wanting more!”

naughty bites

I cannot even begin to describe how delicious this stuff is. I went through three bags of it in like two days. What can I say? The little lady bean was hungry. Haha!

Here’s a little background info on how Naughty Bites came to be from the lovely creator herself…

“After spending days preparing food for a party, out-of-town guests arrived at our home several hours early and hungry.  All the food in the fridge was for the party.  I quickly opened my pantry and started grabbing a combination of items that I put together in a large serving bowl for them to nibble on.  I remember thinking, “please eat that and stay out of my party food!”  To my amazement, that was the start of an addicting combination that was the talk of the party.

Now, years later after hearing countless comments like, “you should market this naughty, addictive mixture,” I decided to go for it!  After all, most of us take care of ourselves by eating healthy and exercising.  But, occasionally, we all like to be naughty and break the rules.  And when I do, I reach for Naughty Bites.”

So, are you drooling yet? I knew you would be! Make sure you tune in tomorrow as we’ll be giving away an amazing Naughty Bites gift basket! In the meantime, you can check out Naughty Bites’ siteFacebook and Twitter pages!


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