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A Magical Wedding Video

jessica and jeremy

photo via Snider Shots Photography

When I began my wedding planning process, there were a few things I did first.  Nope…it was not my dress.  I was quite the procrastinator on that one!  Ha!  I booked my wedding venue, photographer, and cinematographer in that order!   A great piece of advice that I got from quite a few brides was to save room in my wedding budget for a cinematographer.  To my soon-to-be brides, I am going to pass this tip along to you as well!  Trust me – you will NOT regret it!  There is nothing like getting to relive your wedding in motion.  You get to see all the aspects that the bride doesn’t get to see.  You get to hear the laughter of your happy guests.  You are instantly brought back to that magical day with music and light and movement.

I am so happy that I found Movie Magic Productions on Facebook.  The product of work we received is incredible.  It has the feel of a reality TV show!

Our wedding video is about 25 edited minutes of perfection.  It is the absolute highlights of the day.  My favorite part is the last 9 minutes or so.  It is the end of the ceremony and the highlights of the reception.  On the day of your wedding you are so blissed out and having so much fun that you do not get to see it through your guests’ eyes.  Well, the last moments of our wedding video capture just that.  It is the laughter and dancing and out pouring of love that surrounded us on our most special day.  I get teary each time I watch it and I am teary as I write this.  Your wedding is a day that all of your nearest and dearest are with you.  It is a day that they surround you with such love and such hope.  And it is day that only comes once in a lifetime.  The last minutes of my wedding video capture all of that and show the amazing time each of our guests had.  It is nothing short of pure magic…

To our wonderful guests that attended our wedding, we are so honored to have shared our first day as husband and wife with you!

And to you my loves, I would like to share our highlight trailer.  A special shout out of my big sis for such a wonderful MOH toast – which of course still makes me cry.  Oh my here come the tears again…And now for your viewing pleasure, our wedding!

Jessica+Jeremy from MOVIE MAGIC PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

A very special thank you to our beachfront venue – the Grand Plaza Resort, the wonderful and incredibly talented Destiny & Light for our hair and make-up services, our officiant John of A Perfect Witness and our DJ, steel drummer, and light guru Joe of Expert Productions. A little glimpse of your services are shown in our highlight trailer…Thank you for helping make our wedding the day of our dreams!


  1. Such a lovely video! We didn’t have a video for our wedding but ours was pretty short and simple.
    You look two look so happy and in love! Congratulations! 🙂

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