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A Vacation Worthy Dress

In just over a month, the BonBon Rose Girls will be embarking on a tropical getaway with our darling husbands! Naturally, I’ve been planning out my vacation wardrobe since the moment we booked the trip. Dresses of various types will surely make up two thirds of my suitcase and one particular Free People frock is begging to join the others!

FP one sunburst maxi dress

Enter the mullet dress. Blogger and jewelry designer extraordinaire, Wendy Brandes, recognized the fabulosity of dresses with high/low hemlines, a.k.a. mullet dresses. Her use of the term cracked me up the first time I read it. Is she a hilarious or what? Update: It should be noted that although Ms. Brandes introduced me to the term mullet dresses, she didn’t coin it. She definitely, however, showcased just how popular the look has been!

She even featured a gorgeous group of bloggers rockin’ mullet dresses over at Huffington Post! Inspired by Ms. Brandes and my fellow bloggers, I feel a mullet moment coming on.

Can’t you see me sporting that Free People number while enjoying a morning cup of java on the balcony, watching the ocean waves lap at the shore? Le sigh.


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