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New Mom Essentials from Momtrends

Please welcome my friend and mama blogger extraordinaire, Nicole from Momtrends!

New Mom Essentials

As a baby gift to Kristin, I am putting my mom-knowledge to work. I want to give Kristin the gift of impeccable style as she welcomes baby #2. A little girl is a treasure, so my first gift consists of jewelry. I picked a small pendant from Dana Rebecca. When each of my girls was born I purchased a small pendant similar to this one. Over the years the pendant comes out to honor each daughter. I wear the pendant on special occasion—a birthday or concert to celebrate each girl and our bond. I promised each of them when they turn 16 they will get the pendant. It’s never too early to instill a love of jewelry!

Moving on, let’s talk about the chic changing kit from Petunia Pickle Bottom. She is already is acquainted with diapers, so I’m giving her a girly little case for lady’s lunches. No dowdy totes for Kristin and the bean. This trim little bag just holds the essentials. Because Kristin, like all good fashionistas, knows its all about editing.

Next big, dark sunglasses. Face facts: One of the gifts of a newborn is long nights. Yes, it’s worth the sleeplessness, but why show the world those dark circles? Cover them up in style with a big Jackie O-style pair of sunnies!

From there let’s review dresses. New moms love dresses—it’s one-stop to an outfit. This one is perfect in trendy ombre. I like the big opening in front so Kristin can whip out her equipment to feed baby (if she’s breastfeeding) and look fab in the process. This high waisted style is also perfect post-baby.  Don’t worry about abs of steel for a while.

Since this is bambino numero dos, Kristin might need a double stroller, I pick the nifty Britax B-ready. Layer the babies—one on top one below and head out on adventures in style.

While I love high heels and strappy sandals, let’s be realistic. Fussing with buckles and straps isn’t going to work for the next few months. Keep it simple with slip ons. Thank goodness there are so many fun metallic flats that are also comfortable. But don’t throw out the Choos—just save them for date night.

Finally, I wish you and your daughter a lifetime of happiness. The mother and daughter bond is intense and powerful. Enjoy every moment and I can’t wait to see how you continue to evolve your style on this new adventure.



What a beautiful post! And p.s. I’m all OVER that gorgeous dress!

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