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Project Runway Eliminated Designer Interview

project runway

So, as those of you who watched last week’s episode of Project Runway know, Danielle was eliminated. Am I the only one who was a bit surprised?

project runway

Well, apparently I’m not actually. When Danielle was asked how she felt about being eliminated she said, “When I went into the show, I wanted to go in without any sort of expectations. I had the mindset that anything can happen. It’s show business. They won’t make or break me. I really didn’t feel like it was my design that sent me home.” Instead, she felt like being in the bottom the week before was what hurt her.

project runway

I tend to agree with her. The emerald tank that was criticized by the judges wasn’t crazy exciting, but it wasn’t elimination worthy in my opinion. Anthony Ryan’s oh so scary romper was a far worse design. I heart Anthony Ryan, so it hurts me to say that, but it’s true! Danielle’s response to being asked whether Anthony Ryan should have gone home for his outfit was simply “yes.”

project runway

Danielle also feels like not being as “dramatic” as some of the other designers might have contributed to her downfall. I questioned whether it was was difficult for her to find her voice among so many extroverted personalities and she responded that “being in a situation where I was completely out of control was difficult. I thrive on structuring my own time. I wasn’t able to reach my full potential. I wasn’t as inspired as I would like to have been. It was important to me that I appear professional. I’m a lot more fun loving in real life.”

So, although Danielle felt like she could have put forth a stronger performance, she doesn’t believe that it was her time to go. Her final words were, “I wasn’t embarrassed. Everything I made was not my best, it was not that bad either.”

So, there you have it. Do you agree with Danielle…Should Anthony Ryan have been sent packing instead?

project runway

And before I go…Can we talk about how FABULOUS Viktor’s moto jacket was? I want that little number in a BAD way! If you need a refresher…I recapped the entire episode over at Lifetime Moms!


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