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Seafood Casserole, Comfort Food Take Two

Happy Friday!  Its been quite a week and I’m feeling the need for fall to finally hit.  I’m such a summer girl that I’ve been reluctant but now I’m all about the sweaters and some crisp weather.  Not to mention some great fall grub!  Last week when I made the Chicken Enchilada’s from the Real Simple issue that featured the great food swap, I also tried another featured recipe, Seafood Casserole.  Doesn’t the word casserole just make you think of old southern church ladies lining up their strange jello salads covered in saran wrap?  Well instead of bringing sexy back, I’m bringing casseroloes back! I mean who doesn’t want to have a few one dish wonders in their back pocket, perfect for family dinners or taking over to someone who is going through a rough time?

Ok, so onto the item at hand.  I made only one dinner rather than the larger recipe for four dinners and was pleasantly surprised.  A few bites in and you just want to start purring like a cat (see casseroles are sexy too, ha!).  The layer of mashed potatoes and creamy seafood are comfort food at its finest.  Plus with lots of veggies you can get your vitamins too!  One thing I might change next time is to reduce the potato layer and add in some additional shrimp, but overall its another Real Simple winner!  You can find the recipe (full potatoes and all) hereBon appetit!

Vegetables for Seafood Casserole

Carrots, onions, celery and parsnips sizzle in a big pot.

Seafood Casserole

The seafood and creamy vegetable layer goes in first, then top with mashed potatoes before baking.

Plated Seafood Casserole

Shrimp, tilapia and veggies, oh my!


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